Hard Knock TV Interviews Just Blaze

Hard Knock TV put Just in the hot seat to discuss the usage of EDM sounds, XV, the status of Jay Electronica’s album, new recordings with Drake, Rozay and a major Pop artist. We hope it’s Bieber. Ha!

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  • He always sounds like he lost his voice, dude probably going hard in the club deejaying.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This was a good interview with Just Blaze. 1 of my favorite Hip hop producer. This dude is a legend.

  • I think the Pop icon he said is either:
    Eminem or Rihanna or maybe someone else but I can think of maybe Kanye West.

  • suckit

    am i the only one who sensed some hard feelings towards Jay Elec for some reason??

  • koO

    Kinda worried Jay E’s album won’t be the masterpiece I’m expecting after hearing Blaze comment on it

  • OuTLaW

    I heard quest love say in an interview that Jay-z loves Jay Electronicas album, he thinks its the best shit he heard in ages..only problem Jay-z has with it is there is no singles on the album.