New Video: Jon Connor “No Thrillz”

Featuring clips from his SXSW excursion, Jon Connor and his platoon disturb the peace in his new video. There goes the neighborhood. Download Season 2 here.

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  • Cause I Can


    Jon Connor is the truth no stupid shit just good music

    I wish you guys would promote him like you do your boss

  • coleworld

    Need more shit like this #realrap

  • yo yo

    Yooooooo this dude is sick!!!!! I love his movement!!!!! He is the next to blow up 4 sure. He is doing all of this with no deal. Wow

  • It’s the roc

    How does this video not have over 50 comments? This is easily the best song that’s dropped in 2012. If J. Cole made this record it would have 200 comments lol

  • Too real.
    Gonna replay this video a million more times.

  • crysis

    jon conner is the truth. fuck MMg and them wack ass rappers and YMCB with that crap too. eminem needs to sign this cat and bring it all back to what real rap is about and that is LYRICS folks straight up.