New Music: Meek Mill Ft. Jeremih x Drake “Amen”

After letting it “Burn” with Big Sean, Meek Mill blesses us with yet another track, this time featuring Mr. October’s Very Own & Jeremih. Dreamchasers 2 drops on May 7th. Amen to that!

Bonus: “Ready Or Not”

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  • Donn

    Haters gon’ be hurt when they hear Meek on their radio all summer lol

    Much success to these dudes. They work hard for theirs

  • tris

    hook is fireeee lol this song bangs

  • oj Da Cornball

    Don’t ilke that MMG crew but this single song is hot artistically, the beat and the hook really, but the blasphemy. SMH

    Won’t bump again though.

  • Mj

    Didn’t listen, is it drake or jeremia on the hook

  • True

    Meek got another one! Can’t nobody say shit.

  • Phillywide

    Nigga meek everywhere.. PHILLY STAND THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Truu

    Two listens deep already, on my third.

  • Birdman verse…Stuntin and we livin lavish…fishin on a fishscale….100

  • yo

    this shit is amazing.

  • Why So Serious

    would’ve liked it more if he had just a lil bit less energy on the track, none the less still dope.

  • BK Back

    I prefer that “Dirty ratchet diesel, watchin’ for them people, two birds in the kitchen, one brick one Desert Eagle” Meek, but I guess some dudes and mostly females will dig this or something.

  • Erick Straton

    Church Preach Tabernacle

  • 3rdRail

    Amazing track!!!

  • dragon

    its the dream in the background

  • uptown

    this is dope……

  • dragon

    ..jermih sounds like him anyways

  • Hatin 101

    How much ya’ll wanna bet he recycles this song for his album?

  • love it ! beat is amazin

  • Ricky Ross

    Droppin some more heat for y’all check out my new artsit droppin soon subscribe huhhhhh!!!

  • Now, this is hot! Beat got a nice bounce to it, which is when Drake sounds his best. Hook is tight too, feels like this should be a proper single

  • M.T

    This was a good track. i fucks wit it.

  • Black Shady


  • Collar Cali

    My Lawd!!!!!! This another FIRE Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Meek Mill… #Amen

  • Blak c/o


  • homie j

    YMCMB MMG enough…This is that radio shit that meek needed to reach that level …MEEK GOT NEXT PHILLY STAND UP

  • This shit hot.Meek gonna put out another banger
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle

  • This nigga rap the same every song lol,Meek Mill is weak as fuck

  • Loaded

    Drizzy The God did it again


  • MrSkeezyMak

    Pretty shitty. Burn was much better

  • Maybach “O” (getting o’s all day)

    wrong on so many levelss amen yalll already kkknowwwwwwwww mmgorr aaaaaaaallllll day bitch

  • Maybach “O” (getting o’s all day)

    wait till they hear me is over mmgorr lukwarmwater on hot y afeel me roach

  • ItsTheTruth

    Nothing original with this song. But what you gonna do, rap fans nowadays like recycled shit. Recycled lyrics, recycled beats, recycled flows.

    “Lot of bad bitches in the building”

    “Stackin money to the cieling”

    “I just made a couple million”

    Yea, hot bars eh? And Meek Mill is not gonna “Kill niggas in the building”



  • not bad but the blasphemy is a little much

  • Serious?

    Blasphemy? Are yall serious? Every second you spend worrying about that religion shit is a second wasted. You think someone’s looking out for you, and everyone else on earth? How’s that working out for you so far?

    The quicker you ditch that obvious dumb talk, the quicker you start worrying about real shit, and making moves that actually matter..

    Do I really need to be telling people this? SPEND YOUR TIME ON STUFF THAT ACTUALLY HELPS.


    The hook and beat is nice, but he screaminig to much, wish he had that flow he used on “Ambition” here

  • ACE

    now i dont wanna hear nothing else bout kanye or jay-z being illuminati or mason with all the blasphemy in the song LOL but anyway this track is nice tho, meek might have a hit on his hands

  • joey

    @serious? everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. Your NOBODY to be telling people that its a waste and its dumb. This is why ill NEVER become an atheist because you guys think you know it ALL. Whose to say your wrong and were right? You dont know. The difference between us and you is we have faith. GTFOH with all that bs about religion being a waste. Dumb niggas these days. Dont trip though ill pray for you.

  • Real Deal

    I’m not feeling this at all. Meek just isn’t versatile enough for a beat like this.

  • Truth

    Highly homosexual.

  • the brain trust

    @ Joey, and that’s EXACTLY why atheists mock religion.

    Atheists don’t think they know everything (that’s the job of con men preachers & religious swindlers; who pretend to have hour long convos with some guy upstairs).

    The ACTUAL difference between us is that you hastily accept superstitious claims without evidence and we don’t.

    But of course, you have a right to parade your stupidity (faith) just as we have the right to mock you for it.

    Oh, don’t trip, I’ll be praying to the tooth fairy for you.

  • the brain trust

    Oh, this song is alright. Unoriginal/forgettable verses, dope hook/ beat.

  • kayandgee

    dope, the critics here me me laugh, id like to hear the music they make



  • Blv

    HIT! Great song. Jeremih.. Could he sound more like The Dream.. Crazy

  • ummm

    this track is dope. you can see that meek deserves his success. you fat fucks dissing an artist who made it out of his struggle will, remain unsuccessful. when your Internet bill is due and your to broke to pay it, you wont have time to hate. bottom line make your opinion make money.

  • F.I.V.E.

    Honest opinion: This is wack as fuck.

  • Drake’s verse is ridiculouss!! he’s just improving everytime

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • dll32

    Hit single. Wish they would have turned down the vocals a bit though…

  • Name Withheld

    Beat is slightly different than his other tracks, which is good. However the lyrical content is the same ole same, nothing original. Plus, why the fuck does he and any other rapper have to use the word bitch and ho as synonymous with woman?! SMH.It’s 2012 damnit. That’s the reason I don’t buy this type of music.

  • BlackAnastasia

    This guy is beyond garbage and his flow sounds familiar.Their is no way possible Meek or no other artist ok that socalled hot lable MMG will sell.I’ve never in my life heard of a hot lable with no platinum artist or plaques,SMH…

  • GI JOE

    Meek the new age Birdman. “Audemier, poppin bottles, she say wanna fuck me, ice, stuntin on my old hoes” *yawn* big fuckin YAWN! This must be the deleted verses off of “House Party”. No wait. “Imma Boss” because the flow and lyrics sound repetitive.


    Shit is dope ALBUM MATERIAL!!!!!

  • Gayke

    Why are there always so many comments on every fucking Drake post? Good too hear some people jumped in the dweeb’s fence. Now he just needs to be shot dead at home.

  • To Athiest’s science is God and to Christians God is science…One in the same. It’s a stupid argument. If someone finds comfort and purpose in something you think may not exist…why is it your concern. It’s the same as you having a child and believing that they are angels…when to others they are a terror. The point is let others believe what they must to live in this world of confusion. None of us knows the answers to most of the important questions.

    PS. This beat is retard…The topic will stirr up some noise for sure.

  • Great verse from drake, meek mill gets annoying to me at times but i can tolerate him

  • slm

    dont know what to think about the song what i do know is its over for drake .check this out

  • the brain trust

    Romer242, I appreciate your point but NO. Science & ‘God’ are not one and the same.
    Science deals with observable evidence. God is by definition supernatural and only exists in the minds of theists (until evidence can be provided to demonstrate otherwise).

    The notion that science is the ‘god’ of atheists is silly. I don’t worship science (because it is not a conscious being), I don’t believe it cares about me and I don’t think ‘science’ has the power to grant my wishes.

    Why is it my concern? Because I actually care about what’s true. And because religion continues to divide society, encourage untold bloodshed & spread ignorance. It’s really that simple.

    The child analogy fails because that child ACTUALLY exists in the physical world.

    We don’t know the answers to what questions? I know why i’m here (my parents had sex). I know why the human race exists (billions of years of evolution). And of course, the purpose of my life is for me to determine.

    And even if we DIDN’T know these answers, does that justify the belief in a magical man? Argument from ignorance bro.

  • ecr

    you fuck wid A$AP MOB?
    peep this, then bookmark it,

  • ecr

    you fuck wid MMG?
    peep this, then bookmark it,

  • indeed… this is a banger!

    the same ole shit…. more money, more women…. etc

    drake went in… the song is down right nice!

    congrads to the homie:
    MMG fo reals….

  • Aubrey

    “I’m the type to say a prayer and go and get what I just prayed for…” Leeeaaaaaaaave It YEAH!!!!

  • dat nig

    blasphamy? i didnt hear jesus or gods names no where on this track. dudes use amen there everyday conversation all tthe time. and dont even come with that using the word church as much dirt goes on in every church in america. this shit is lite as for as im conserned. youll sound like those hipocrtitical ass everyday church going do gooders who are usaully the ones doing all the dirt.

    anyway this track is fire & fuck who says it aint lol

  • Well i know one song i’m damn sure deleting when i download the mixtape

  • GoodKidInAMadcity

    meek shoutin and talkin shit as always.. don’t feel it, drizzy’s verse is hot tho

  • the One

    How many is that for Yellow man?!!! Tdot stand up ! Maybe at attention cause this brotha doing it big!
    If you hatin then you definitely aint playin….

  • inf

    Double M, G..

  • cz

    @the brain trust…lmao, gettttt emmmm “method man voice”

  • Three Signs


  • zezzoi

    lol drake rides this beat way better than meek did. meek’s yell rapping gets old, nigga needs to learn a different flow

  • windows down, sunroof open, smoking cubans like its Dallas

  • JReezy

    That beat>Verses and hook.

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