• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good interview with FIF. Yo man Mike P is a fool hahaha. [email protected]:19-9:28. This Bootleg Kev is crazy.

  • Fif always has solid interviews……

  • mrzee

    fif clarified so much in this interview wow. the guy is smart, and just continues to get paid. it’s crazy because there’s so many people just hating not only on him but i mean on everything. its crazy how much you need to ignore to be successful.

  • PAP

    that was a nice introspective interview. i just saw this right after the mmg conference video n I respect how 50 answered his questions genuinely rather than puttin up a front or gettin into character

  • hxxvaz

    No album title or single yet. that album ain’t coming out in july

  • Mag

    50 didn’t answer the Rick Ross question, he just took out 400k cash instead lol

  • Good shit.Interesting 50 talking about GUnit getting dropped
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • donald

    @Mag Who the fuck is Rick Ross anyways?? Do you guys really think 50 cares about anything regarding Rick Ross?? I mean 50 got hundreds of millions of dollars!! While MMG is bragging about being rich in every song & interview while the whole label probably got like 12 million

  • Mj


    I would fucking love to have 12 million dollars

  • mrzee

    haha poor people thinking 12 million is a little bit of money.

  • oj Da Cornball

    ^ it is when it’s not yours to spend and you comparing it to someone who has 400 to spend.

  • areyouserious

    12 million between a whole label is practically nothing, 50 is worth at least 100 mil and continues to get richer. 50 is the real ‘bawse’

  • the void

    rick ross the rapper isnt going to like that this got posted to his blog.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Son in the blue is a groupie. I had to google him, still don’t know who he is. #lame

  • Money Team won again……..I wish Pacquiao would stop bullshitting……..

  • Midsize Jerm

    I listened to the Big 10 again…about half the songs on their were real hot, the other half was pretty mediocre, but it got me excited for that Gangsta Grillz album….50 still got it in him, and I think the album gonna be big whenever it finally drops.

  • PAP

    Pac aint gon fight May cuz he’s got Arum’s hand up his ass!

  • michelle michelle

    Nicki is the King if NY Hip Hop….Fif laughed

  • @gtfomike

    dont care what nobody says, i still love 50 haha

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Don’t really like the answer about Banks. Banks been putting in madd work w/o the unit. Him and 50 have had a track together in years. I’m sure they’re still cool but it’s not like how it used to be.

  • damm

    how can ross be that dude all in the media but wont even sell platinum nas sells gold with out promo

  • fuk waka

    haha kev mentions Rick Ross and 50 Brings the money out of the bag! lol


    man fuck 50!! wen I catch his ass ima arrest him and jack that money… OFFICER ROSS THE BAWS

  • frank

    hahahahahah call rick ross 50 cent just pull up money will not be surprised to see 50 cent ft lil wayne


    Damn Bootleg kev was asking and bringing up plenty of dumb shit.

  • NEM

    Fifty, get that album out soon!

  • 50?? It seems to me he’s kinda bored with rap. Or maybe he’s over confident cuz I don’t see that passionate spark that made him into the artist that he is.I definitely hear his passion for film & you can tell he loves the movies cuz he’s removing his tats left & right….All in all Fif will always be one of my faves & I’m hoping he drops a classic on July 2nd. I just hope he didn’t Get Rich & Stop Trying”

  • @sinceretruths–That’s exactly the thing wit 50,, he already accomplished pretty much anything someone could dream of in the music industry and when you combine that wit the cornball culture hip hop is promoting these days,,,what’s left as a motivating factor??

    He can make a few million profit of movies going str8 to dvd,,these one song artists of today have to go on 350-city sweatbox tours to pull in a portion of that.

  • The Truth

    Fredro Starr >>>> 50… Fredro Starr gotta be a at least top 3. Prolly most underrated ever in the game


    This is do or die for 50. Me as a 50 fan since 02 know the real deal, even if the tape sucks ill be riding with him, he a real dude. But i think he’s kinda nervous cuz he’s gonna find out if he’s relevant to the public or not, what a smack to the face if he aint. But ppl today are fuckin funny. Listenenin to that rick ross shit all day. I listen to that shit to but thats just for fun, it sounds good. 50 always been dat n!gga so whatever. Imagine if 50 wrote the shit rick ross does.. yall would be laugin so hard. “HUHHHH, sellin dope, straight out the iphone” x5


    @The Truth top 3 what? be careful with those lists cuz u gotta say what u base it over.
    top 3 lyricists? like erick sermon said hiphop should be divided in more categories

  • Name Withheld

    50 Cent uses the word “actual” or “actually” like it’s going out of style. Calm down, homie.

    He does get nervous when Kev asked him about Meek Mill and Rick Ross, so he does care about anything MMG. He may be richer but he does care. If even you don’t like Rick Ross you can’t deny the moves he and his team are making.

    That being said, I still believe he’s one of the best. Only, I doubt he’ll ever sell more than 500k. Plus, lyrically 50 is in a catch-22 situation now.If he does the same content that’d mean there’s no growth and people won’t believe him considering that he’s wealthy now. If he makes non-gangta music, say love songs or stop cursing people will call him a sell-out. That’s how fickle Rap fans are. So, damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  • BlackAnastasia

    @Name Withheld:What moves are MMG making?Last time I.checked Wale’s album flopped.Ross last 2singles flopped.MeekMill don’t have a album out.Pill got dropped.And that compilation flopped.So if you called that making moves then perhaps I’m missing something.I fuck with Omarion,but R&B on rap lables historically have never worked.

  • oj Da Cornball

    Many people missed it, but 50 pulled out the real “Money Bag” when Ross is brought who happened have their new single called “Money Bag”.

    Now who’s boss?

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  • Name Withheld

    Wale’s MMG album sold way more albums than his Interscope debut. It may not have gone gold but it’s an upgrade compared to his previous situation.
    Rick Rosses single “I Love My Bitches” is a good song, imho.
    Meek Mill doesn’t have an album out, you’re still. However, you can’t deny the hits he had last year (I’m A Boss, Tupac Back, House Party). His mixtape Dreamchasers was successful. Oh by the way, Dreamchasers 2 came out today, and on Datpiff.com the tape has already been downladed 1,668,783 times. Now that’s Hip-Hop history right there. MMG making moves.
    Ross has a Reebok endorsement and product placement from Siroc. That’s money. Don’t forget show money.