• so exclusive,i’ve never heard this(sarcasm)

  • wadduptho

    alot of those bars were already used by him….

  • Black Shady

    ^^so what still dope

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  • JustMyopinion

    @ metal154 & wadduptho

    We’re sorry if you didn’t get to dance AND snap yo’ fingers.

    See, this is what I am talking about: RAP music.

  • prem781

    I went to VIP in Boston and Crooked poured me grey goose! Shit was bumpin. He dropped a freestyle too

  • shady joe

    how come i’ve seen a “crooked i freestyles at so an so” like 4 times and its the same thing everytime????

  • Dt

    A “freestyle” is not a recycled rap, and this is recycled! Quit posting music as freestyles

  • man that was the same shit he spit on flex .. dope but damn i wan hear somn new crooked!