New Music: Chamillionaire “I Think I’m In Love (Freestyle)”

Cham is in love with jackin’ for beats and last night he decided to take a stab at Kirko Bangz’ current tune, “Drank In My Cup”.

I listened to a lot of instrumentals but wasn’t really feeling much. So I decided to create a new version of this that was more like a full song instead of a short verse. Forgive me for my lateness. I couldn’t even begin to describe how wild my day was…..About to get ready for my show tonight. Ill make the international post when I get a sec. Also, the next freestyle one will come sooner than you think.


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  • Name Withheld

    Nice track!!! This is one of the rarest rappers who actually says something intelligent when he grabs the mic. Plus, he didn’t have to use bitches/hos, and niggas in the song. Bravo Cham, keep up the great work.

  • BabyBoy

    Agree with @Name Withheld and he don’t need all these features like these others rappers

  • janely

    Dang cham killed this beat, you would’ve thought this was chamillionaires original song!!!!!!!!!

  • dopest Texas artist! thats not opinion that is fact!

  • darkcaesar

    cham is top 5

  • I’m suppose to be judging right now but, instead i’m jammin cham. I’d rather be doing this anyway. Dope song.

  • JoSweet

    Chamillitary Mayne! BANG

  • kc913

    Koopa murdered that

  • Prabh Dhillon

    You killed it Koopa. Like always.

  • slm

    this men is one of the best to do it by his self word S/O to chamillionaire also check out this

  • BlazinSkull

    It is funny how these wack rappers in the south, get a lot of love and respect, but real southern rappers like chamillionaire get nothing. Respect to the koopa, he did kill it.

  • F.I.V.E.

    dope. #Salute Cham.

  • Yall should join the #Chamilitary Movement… new Cham before anyone else

  • Cham!!! H-Town we on!!

    Check out my new mixtape BTB2: The Beastmixes!! if a fan of lyricism it won’t disappoint.

  • If you hate on this, kill yo self, 2 times.
    Now let me go back and listen to this a couple mo times, cuz he killed this like this is his track….”kirko, next time put Koopa on yo shit” its evident in your style who you where enfluenced by growing up.