New Video: Chevy Woods “U.S.A.”

Made only in the U.S., Chevy rounds up his fellow troops and gets ready for war in his new video. Gangland coming soon.

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  • ecr

    you fuck wid TAYLOR GANG?
    peep this, then bookmark it,

  • mnka

    i guess this is what we are programmed to think is hot and u know what great try but this aint cutting it fucko

  • damm

    beat is not bad but dude is so wack corny ass talk to corny wack negro

  • LOL

    U suck

  • He shouted Hitman Holla.. thats dope

  • Dream On

    what a weak ass rapper and weak ass video. Cool clips from Black-hawk Down Chevy and get a new fucking wardrobe. Fatigues aint cool unless youre actually in the service..

  • Berklee


  • so was anything U.S.A related even mentioned in the song? I must have missed it……….

  • Mr.November

    “You aint a soldier cuz you rockin camo”
    – Mac Miller