Lloyd Banks V6: The Gift Cover

No official release date has been announced yet, but Banks took to his Instagram to reveal the artwork for the project. Hopefully, this late gift is worth the wait.

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  • Cant wait

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • donald

    No One Else Can Match What Banks Offers On His Mixtapes! Expect This To Be Mixtape Of The Year!
    just interesting how Banks & 50’s mixtapes are dropping basically at the same time hmm…

  • Young Lucky

    are you niggas serious?
    people are actually anxiously awaiting a banks tape?

  • simple, but it works. cant knock it at all.

  • @young lucky

    i wouldnt say anxiously waiting, but they’re worth checking out.

    V5 had some bangers…….

  • donald

    @young lucky
    are YOU serious?
    have you heard cold corner 2 or v5?
    have you heard jackpot?
    have you heard anything? lol

  • oh man this is a no brainer straight “DOWNLOAD”

    Check out my new mixtape BTB2: The Beastmixes!! if a fan of lyricism it won’t disappoint.


  • Kemosabi

    I feel like my era is gone when you have to even defend a Banks mixtape

  • @kemosabi

    I feel you, remember the Cassidy vs. Banks mixtapes? Those were fire!

  • donald

    ^^Co fucka fuckin sign^^
    I feel you man, I dont understand how people say stuff like “why are you excited about a banks mixtape” shake my head at these dummies!

  • Khalifa

    Gonna be dope banks def works hard! He just doesn’t release many albums! A lot of mixtapes

  • Mr.November

    They want a song from the Weeknd so they can circle jerk to sleep

  • Donn

    Its just sad not to see artists develop and leave their comfort zone to make their music somewhat different. Like Kanye said. He cant make another College Dropout, Jay cant make another Reasonable Doubt. All u can do is grow as an artists. And Banks can spit. But is he a rapper or an Artist?

  • Fetus Face

    Fif kinda shitted on him in that bootleg Kev interview. He will always be an employee lol.

  • NotoriousRambo.



  • Carlos “The Hip Hop Historian”

    “Banko BMW boy/ They hate me cause they in love with toy/critic”
    “Fuck a liar I admire heart/You buy my album then you buyin art/ Like them I am not”
    Lol..I like the title..This man does have a special gift..This aint hard work its talent..That 5 or better series was insane..it might take you months to understand those mistapes..This is college level grammar and composition.

  • Black Shady

    V5 was amazing!!!!!! I prefered V5 way more than CC2….but Banks always delivers

    Cant wait for V6!!!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Was bumping V5 all April long. This is sure to surpass it. Hopefully Banks can get a new situation so we can get that next album. It’s kinda crazy dude is still touring worldwide for HFM2. $. He’s been moving w/o the unit.

  • Shakur

    Bank sound like shemale

  • Fetus Face

    @Rambo fif made him seem like he was a slave for g Unit like “banks got the vice grip for life” you guys gettin sensitive about this dude. He was only hot during the G Unit wave. He’ll never sell outside new York. Like I said he’s a lifetime employee!

  • shaedaghost


  • hxxvaz

    the artwork is dope but the music will suck because he don’t rap in his real voice anymore. i can’t even listen to his music now because he sound so horrible

  • ben_dover

    Donn gotta point…niggas gotta grow with they shit…banks still got heat tho

  • Converse

    What a fuckin joke? only cornballs listen to this sloth mouth nigga

  • Donn couldnt be further from the truth……..

    If you heard Banks when he first started to Banks when he dropped his first album to HFM2 to V5, one could EASILY see the growth is there and still going.

    From his subject matter to his wordplay and songwriting. Hell, his most improved asset was his voice and mixing, on old Banks songs, you could barely understand what he was saying, but in recent years, he’s crystal clear!

  • lll

    This motherfucker teasing us or what? LOL

  • I’m a wordsmith, you just matching words –LLoyd Banks

    nuff said …

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Hell No ! Im going in early. @Young Lucky @donald. If was a lil wayne or even that serial liar William L. Roberts your panties would be wet. Lyrically Banks would run circles around any YMCMB & MMG artist. Mixtape is gonna be fire.

  • NotoriousRambo.



  • word

    I wasnt fuckin with jadakiss because i didnt kinda feel the beats he was rappin on but the last mixtape was so fucking ill he ran to one off my favs! i fuks with banks he gotta have dope beats to turn allot off people heads! people like banks jada styles p etc ONLY need dope beats and they good to go

  • Banks is Gunit for life..!!!!! I really think fif does shit to show how stupid the public is and quick they are to hop off and on bandwagons.. like telling banks do your own shows and dont do none with me and watch how fuking dumb people are and think we got a problem.!!! and at the same time bridging the gap with some artist 50 had problems with banks got cool with AGIAN how can gunit be blacklisted if one of the camp is gettin cool wit everybody and on songs with them.. they cant hate 50 and be cool with his boy at the same time THINK!! fif is all about strategy you dont get to were he’s at IN SUCH A SHORT TIME by being a dumb mutha fuka other wise most of us that sit on A computer and judge would do it to… some of you haters are praying banks and 50 get problems like a bunch of fucking bitches they;ll be brothers for life you can cash that check…

  • “You’ve been in a couple of years, I spent a decade paid” –LLoyd Banks

    don’t hate… Congratulate!


  • “You’ve been in a couple of years, I spent a decade paid” –LLoyd Banks

    don’t hate… Congratulate!


  • @ donn I feel were your coming from but banks is a true artist he just doesnt tap into that full potential all the time.. I think its the other way around of what your trying to say.. people leave there comfort zone because they wanna eat and have success his song about cars went gold but yet a song like NO LOVE that is true art and a real fucking song gets overlooked that no love joint should of got major spins but when an artist shows growth nobody peeps that shit.. the hiphop consumer likes fake shit at the moment.. So rappers either talk about fucking, clubs, money, cars, jewelry, smoking weed or some other bullshit.. 0r they starve!! hiphop fans should open there minds back the fuck up and peep real shit and make that the hot shit then maybe rappers would grow more and make that kind of shit.. banks def got it in him wit songs like Till The End some of the realest shit to ever touch the game..

  • lilrizq

    Finally Banks comes out to show yall what it is. Get em Banks… now look at this performance video i edited for my friend. Soulja Boy at (2:32).