• Shade

    OVOXO worldwide

  • Donn

    Its The “WEEKND”

  • Weeknd

    Its The “WEEKND”

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Drake & Weeknd = 2012 less talented version of Sam & Dave.

  • merry

    he sucks live damn

  • Berklee

    ^its true

  • David

    ^ not even I saw him in D.C maybe he just was feeling the crowd or hey maybe he was tired as fuck or hey maybe he was just FUCKED UP but the weeknd hands down is one of the few most talented upcoming artist emerging. let me see y’all on stage.

  • -_____-

    @Donn ….wtf are you trying to say? yes he’s “The Weeknd” not “THE WEEKND”