• Berklee

    Damn! Meek shuttin’ dwn datpiff!

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  • @tshiamofs

    No Cole? Fuck this shit

  • racing562

    he didnt shut it down, they do that on their own for more hype. plus they delayed it by 15 minutes. anyway this shit goinna bang in my whip!

  • Stephen

    Ima need a zip

  • dll32

    fuck datpiff. they mess up every major mixtape release -_-‘

  • brollya

    how u know racing dude….. do u work there

  • Why So Serious

    Yo @Big Homie, post an alternitive site to make your customers happy

  • low-low

    WTF this some bs right here

  • Mook

    Datpiff down we need a new link…get on it RR lol

  • YunG based god

    datpiff blows

  • brollya

    get it on dipsetmixtapes.com lol

  • Berklee

    datpiff u’re fuckin with my HI!!!

  • duke

    this sum bullshit fix the link

  • Whack.

    Fuck DatPiff! I was waiting for the damn counter to finish counting down on the site just fine, and the second it got to zero, it automatically kicked me off. Like, what the fuck? Niggas need to stop linking to DatPiff, they’re fucking unreliable.

  • brollya

    i thought rap radar was connected wit mmg. ya should of already had the tape before dat piff.

  • duke

    now the mixtapes nowhere to be found!!!

  • duke

    good shit big homie on the new link

  • racing562


    thatz cuz they shutdown the site on purpose. just trying to generate hype and what not. i kept refreshing that shit about 5 times from 10-sec to 0 and that shit just halted at 0. i call bs. anyway someone needs to mirror this shit I’m supposed to be heading out to the store but waiting on this

  • Berklee

    Is anyone else getting a mixtape not found?

  • firiesport8

    mixtape not found? wtf?!i called outta work for this shit!

  • mira

    damn datpiff

  • 3 chainz

    thanks for the mediafire link Big Homie

  • Berklee

  • Josh

    2 hour download? No thanks I’ll wait for Datpiff to be back

  • It’s not datpiff’s fault.Mills mixtape was so popular all the ppl trying to get it at 2 crashed datpiff.maybe it’s their fault for not having enough bandwidth.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • BxWavy

    zippyshare !

  • racing562

    this my fav track off the first mixtape

  • Berklee

    Good looks Big Homie!

  • benji_bugatti

    Livemixtapes.com has the mixtape

  • Berklee

    Josh: try refreshing homey. Only 7mins ovr here

  • dll32

    thx big homie ! +1

  • Blah

    Always a fucking fail. Stupid antics.

  • BxWavy

    your welome yall!

  • Mook

    livemixtapes > datpiff

    who didn’t know that by now lol

  • My mixtape Scattered Abroad and album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever) is for FREE, its dat piff my nigga cause its straight heat rock with the beats, flows, and concepts…..its Real Mcing goin on ova here……


    Thanx 4 listening…..

  • bebop

    he didn’t get diverse as i thought he would have on the production side .. i know everybody aint sending him the same tempo 808 drivin joints … time to evolve meek.

  • Meek mill shuttin down datpiff! insane but fucking blows

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  • Doc

    Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2 [Free Album Stream/Download] Fastest download available! http://www.hydroshare.tv/MeekMill_Dreamchasers2.html

  • Berklee

    Oh shit… Happy Birthday btw!

  • Berklee

    Thanks for the tunes, mang!

  • at the end of the day Meek stay wit the heat real talk

  • looks like he’ll be doing numbers today


  • hxxvaz



  • what yal don’t no is what makes the artist so hot as fuck is the beat they rap to jondoughlegacy.blogspot.com

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected] I know man. This morning dudes were talking reckless about Lloyd Banks releasing another mixtape yet when Meek Mill releases a mixtape its all good SMH. Theses MMG groupies & stans are funny to me.

  • dura

    considering all the hype, the tape is average.
    6 tracks are dope. other ones sound repetetive.Heard it before from mill and others.

  • Check out Nothing Like The Rest on Datpiff.com also dropped same day as Meek. NOTHING LIKE THE REST

  • IM730

    Can a real nigga tell me if this shit straight or can it wait?

  • Three Signs

    hamma… werd es mir gleich laden


    Datpiff is trash

  • JW

    Damn tell this nigga meek mill to stop yelling at me, giving me a headache.

  • Berklee

    First few trax are crazy but then the ride just started to decline imo. Got old quick n i found myself distracted; easily paying more attention to the beat. Mike Tyson intro is the dopest part of this tape.

  • Why So Serious

    The fuck yall talking about? Dude just got in the game and you already want him to change up his style. I don’t blame the guy for having the same style from the start, i mean its pretty risky to have people rocking to your shit and all the sudden you switch up your style. Bet if switches up his style on his album, yall gonna say dude sellin out, or he’s not making music for the streets anymore, he’s mainstream now.

  • Pap

    wtf Meek got Bank’s brother Louie V featured on this??? good shit!

  • Faded

    Dont get me wrong, Meek has bars and the tape is raw, but some of these dudes is right, he only has one type of style, and he is already successful right now, but he should be able to switch it up every now and then; he even has two dudes on this tape that switch it up all the time; Big Sean and Wale. All three of them are making moves right now, and I think on Meek’s album you’ll see him switch it up and stick his roots for all of his fans.

  • M.T

    lol There were only a couple of good tracks on this but this nigga sounds the SAME on like every track. Enough with the yelling already.

  • go

    Don Trip Guerrilla Mixtape my favorite of 2012

  • DoinTooMuch

    SMH at you niggas takin off work for this shit. Yall sound like some lames. Shit is not even that good. Dude sounds the same on all his songs. Next!

  • lol he difintly be yelling hahhahahhaha ya niggas funny as fuck. But yo if ya rap ya should make it better then an I would make the compilation album lol fareal

  • Skip Dillenger

    Just like the first Dreamchasers, I’m waiting for the No DJ version of this one.

  • pulp fiction

    the mixtape was wack as hell

  • BN Vs YN

    Shit is trash

    Freddie Gibbs Baby face killa >>>>

  • nice

  • urrrr

    this nigga be yelling wen he raps

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Artwork is crazy on this joint. Last DC cover was dope too. Now onto downloading this and checking it out.

  • randomsheeeeeet.blogspot.com

    its a cool tape

  • Fire!!

  • dragon


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  • lilrizq

    i heard the tape was aiight too, guess i’ll give it a listen to confirm. Now look at this performance video i edited for my friend. Soulja Boy at (2:32).

  • Berklee

    After I peeped this, I went back to that K-Camp mixtape! Sup ATL!!!!!!!!

  • Berklee

  • It’s The World

    Well, it’s obvious that Meek is a Jeezy fan..

    “Straight Like That” – original Jeezy quote
    “Flexin” – Jeezy Song
    “Amen” – Jeezy Song
    “Racked Up Shorty” – Jeezy calls him “Strapped Up Shorty”
    “Turnt Up” – Jeezy & ATL Slang…

    I’m Just Saying… Don’t Hate..

    Don’t hate Jeezy still wining – Gold Album…

  • Freddy Long

    Know that boy been in Miami for awhile. That boy saying “sticks”. I guarantee most people may not know what he is talking about. For those who don’t he is referring to an assault rifle notably an AK-47.

  • DoinTooMuch

    @BN Vs YN Hell yea. At the same time, jeezy gonna drop that stay strapped pt. 2. Should be a very interesting summer indeed.

  • fareal

    to quote my man’s from g-ma boy “shit’s weak. shit is wi-zeak. SHIT IS WEAK!”. he drops the same ish time and time again- he a 1 trick pony! at least some of ur fav rappers, and not so fav ones, switch it up from every now and then! #weakmills

  • mac DIESEL




  • Negrito

    Minus the random cursing, this mixtape is dope

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  • the void

    meek should switch up his flow. he sounds the same on every song. the only thing that changes is the beat….but even then, the beat doesnt change that much either. it gets boring quick when everything is repetitive.

  • VR

    Its like Dreamchasers 1 sounded like it was recorded in Philly. (from the Philly features, the shout outs, Middle of the Summer, etc.) It just sounded hungrier and authentic. I felt how he was reppin his hood.

    Dreamchasers 2 sounded like it was recorded in Miami. (popular features – Drake, Trey Songz, 2Chains, Big Sean, Fab, etc., same ol content and beats, etc.) Goin Hollywood Rap.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    this shit f’ing bangs whole tape bruh foreal

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  • Fye!