New Video: MGK “Chasing Pavements”

Window seating for the win! During his flight, Machine Gun Kelly uses his time wisely to reflect in his new video. Off his mixtape, Rage Pack available for download here.

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  • umm

    “Aw man i’m white and have it so hard fuuck” mgk

  • mankind

    ^ just a hater… at least he’s someone spreading a positive message faggot.

  • MR.M.

    mgk stays wack

  • joey

    why do people hate on mgk? hes a pretty decent rapper if you ask me

  • Geo

    MGKs dope. Better than most of these shitty rappers out there that rap about the same shit

  • White Boy

    I respect MGK as an artist and everything, but the fuck is this? This is a video? Its him sitting in front a window, mouthing his lyrics. For what is suppose to be a powerful song, this video is anything but powerful. It might just be the lamest excuse for a video ever.

  • King

    Yela > MGK >>> faggots big sean 2chainz asap rocky

  • Geo

    I’ll agree with you there, video a little weak