Nicki Minaj Pepsi Commercial

Personally, I prefer a coke and a smile. But for Pepsi’s new “Live For Now” promo ad, it isn’t Nick’s “Moment 4 Life” that brings everything to life, it’s the sound of an opened can. Ha!

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  • Popintl

    Lover or hate her she’s making serious MOONNEEYYY!

  • Evil

    Fuck pepsi.Coca cola all the way.Pop bitch

  • hahaha

    Yeah REAL SERIOUS money …for being in the tail-end of a 1:33 second Pepsi commercial where they decided to make you a strawberry shortcake blur and use a song from your LAST album…SOLD out… Hoped for more for this girl from Queens

  • Ocean Frank

    She’s such a contrived person she’s forgotten how to smile like a human being. We’re gonna be a little embarrassed about this era for sure.