Papoose “Sway In The Morning” Freestyle

Is that Coogi? Pap stopped by Sway’s morning show recently and did a few laps over DJ Wonder’s “5 Fingers Of Death”. Looks like Sway was really into it, no?

After the jump, Pap discusses how he stays focused on his relationship with Remy Ma despite her being incarcerated and more.

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  • OH MY HEAVENS HE DESSSSSSSSSSSSTROYED THAT 5 fingers of death………….F*CK……Wonder would of got me wit that Azalea swtich up….i would of fell off right there….this was AMAZING to watch. Papoose…….still got it.

  • JL

    That 4th beat, I’ve heard that verse before.. can’t remember what song it was though.. Everything else was amazing. Papoose Pa.. poose.

  • GTFO

    Papoose killed that freestyle. I hope he starts making better albums.

  • Babes

    Papoose still killin em!


    Nothing but a bunch of dumb niggas with smart phones. Papoose always been doooope!!!!!!

  • pshhhh

    Holy Shit! Watching this reminds me of when rappers used to take their craft seriously.

  • I don’t even mess with Pap like that anymore, but that shit was incredible…


    goddamn how was this not on the top 5 posts

  • He still wasnt freestyling. He said he memorized his writtens.

  • wayy

    PAPOOSE FUCKING SPAZZED ON THIS. this is some sick shit right here.