Waka Flocka Triple F Life Tracklist

Waka is ready to heat up the summer and releases the artwork for his sophomore album as well as its track with Meek Mill, “Let Dem Guns Blam”. Triple F Life drops June 12.

UPDATE: Waka reveals the 15 titles.

1. Triple F Life Intro
2. Let Dem Guns Blam Ft. Meek Mill
3. Round Of Applause Ft. Drake
4. I Don’t Really Care Ft. Trey Songz
5. Rooster In My Rari
6. Get Low Ft. Nick Minaj, Tyga x Flo Rida
7. Fist Pump Ft. B.o.B.
8. Candy Paint & Gold Teeth Ft. Bun B x Ludacris
9. Cash Ft. Wooh Da Kid
10. Lurkin
11. Clap
12. U Ain’t Bout That Life Ft. Alley Boy x Slim Thug
13. Power Of My Pen
14. Flex Ft. Travis Porter, Slim Dunkin x D-Bo
15. Triple F Outro
16. Inky Ft. Slim Dunkin x Wooh Da Kid
17. Chin Up Ft. Slim Dunkin
18. Everything I Love Ft. Future x Trouble

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  • Stephen

    The Real Is Back 3?

  • word

    hahahah wtf nigga bite jeezy the real is back series soooooo hard……… and shits 2 wack for a album cover cmon wacka wtf hahahahhahaha

  • the void

    haha waka talks mad shit about jeezy too. hes copying a mixtape cover that was done twice for an official release.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    This Is Sorta He’s First Since Flockaveli Was a Mixtape…Relased as a Album

  • Obama

    666 life… Nice…

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    This has to be the wackest album title+cover combination ever. Triple F life? Shit’s elementary. Can’t blame him though, he never claimed to be a smart dude.

  • Why So Serious

    Lol @ these niggas having great expectations from waka flocka

  • davfr2

    check out my “recipe” with a San Diego twiston the second verse in

  • So Icy Boi!

    Omg I can’t even breathe rite now. Dis iz a classic n will outsell every Eminem,Nas,and Jay-Z album. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    Brick Squad da best! 1 million first week. BURRR. swag

  • Khalifa

    Dis is gonna be a dope album no doubt!

  • soulja slim

    waka flocka to copy the group of rap french 113 cover album http://youtu.be/OVQaH0dIBxQ

  • This nigga copied the real is wack cover hahaha

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  • word

    FUCK you fuck niggas always trynna start shit? waka neva talked shit about jeezy……. he fucking praises him as a legend on his interview……. smh.. this male groupies always trynna start shit.. if it wasnt for the fuck niggas talkin shit most beef wouldnt happend

  • Trending Now

    hopefully this is minute 13 of his 15 minutes

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  • was expecting a better nigga tune for the whip

  • ppppp

    “waka learns how to use photoshop”

  • ~{J-M▲C}~™

    @OllieJONES “the real is wacKk” LOL! >

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  • Mike

    I thought J Cole Was gonna be on it

  • King

    No Matter How whack this is gon be i still respect the fact that there are only 3 features on the album…thats something one wouldn’t do these days

  • Cause I Can

    Ye agree with @King
    Most rappers now can’t make a song without at least 2 features on it

    MMG & The arab are to blame

  • DIGGSY!!!

    i thought it was “FRIENDS FANS & FAMILY”. not “FANS FRIENDS & FAMILY”. #FAIL

  • Devante

    I’m surprised only 3 features? I really wanted to hear that DMX collab

  • Devante

    Btw those song titles are terrible

  • Jungle

    No Gucci ?? I mean damn

  • lilrizq

    Waka was just over here in germany moshing with the crowd,lol. Good show Waka… now look at this performance video i edited for my friend. Soulja Boy at (2:32).

  • What’s A Jeezy Haven’t Heard Anything From Him In A Min. Gucci Mane Got The Streets On Lock! I’m Up Mixtape Dropping May 26th! Triple F Life Is Gonna Be Crazy Though! Already Heard Candypaint & Gold Teeth That’s Going To Be One of Those Southern Classics!

  • Bow

    Triple f life. A=1 b=2 and so on F=6 Triple f 666 life

  • darren williams

    wacka this one is stupid hard truth be told i didnt really fuck with u unto 2yrs ago when i stay in atlanta i thought u was another hype mann but when heard sum other track from u it change u got lyrics for day madd skills oh yeah me in u have the same birtdayh i juz a year old ur bro wooh da kid go hard he juz take over track that hes on

  • darren williams

    Bricksquad yeah but this goes hard