G-Dep Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

G-Dep will have a new home for the next decade and a half. The former Bad Boy star was sentenced today for murdering John Henkel 19 years ago. During preceding, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said the following:

“The circumstance of your being before the court now suggests to me a maturity and decency that wouldn’t have been evident at the time. It was the right thing to do, even though it landed you in the position you find yourself in now.”

GQ‘s Editor In Chief was actually the foreman on the jury that convicted Dep. Read what he had to say here.


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  • mac DIESEL’s Assistant ( MMG = Mixtape Music Group )




  • Truth.

    another nigga taken out the hood, given money and a chance of a lifetime, yet he still wanted to be in the streets. put him in a cell wit mystikal. smh

  • Love/Hate

    No more fish & spaghetti for this nigga for a long time…..

  • @Truth, it clearly states the murder was 19 years ago. long before he was on Bad Boy. The demons inside of him just caught up with him. he couldn’t live with himself any longer knowing that he murdered someone. he took the charge like a man. didn’t bitch and moan about the judicial system

  • Young lucci fan base

    Dont drop the soap

  • Converse

    Huh? so this nigga confessed to something that happen almost two decade ago?! wooo a dumb ass?! lol

    ?don’t drop the soap or expect a Special Delievery? ha?!! im done

  • Kemosabi

    ^ it’s real simple to call it just a case of someone being a dumbass isn’t it.

  • Trillionaire

    Damn man….when you really in these streets the devil be on a nigga back..Im glad he found some sanctity in his troubled mind. Drugs will drive you crazy for real. 15yrs though??? wheew..Imma pray for that man

  • hxxvaz

    He might wanna change his name to “P-Dep” now, because he belong to the Police Department now

  • you all are idiots he came clean alot of you cowards wouldnt. you would take a life without punishment. he will be out in 7 years. no more music career for him maybe a bit of fame when he out but did the right thing in the end.

  • Hahahahahahaha

  • larry johnson

    this dude dep is bug but i seen some funny shit on http://www.streetleaguemovement.com for real check it

  • mac DIESEL
  • Black Shady

    WOW!!!! maybe he shoulda kept his mouth shut and try to do some good in his community or some shit if he felt like it was eating him inside.

    sucks to b him. have fun

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    He did a crime and he is being punished.

  • Only he without sin.. Can tell me if my means.. Justify my Ends… – Jay-Z

    Some of yall dudes need to grow up…

  • Kemosabi


  • rahrahrah

    @YEEAHHH!! Jay-Z said something that sounded clever, but when you look at it you see how false it is.
    I don’t have to be perfect in order to judge a persons actions. If that were the case we couldn’t have a criminal justice system, or any kind. I’m not just talking about the corrupt American criminal justice system.
    No one has ever been perfect. Judgement of the actions of the members of your community have always been necessary.

    As for G-Dep. I always liked his style. Whether he came forward because he wanted to “do the right thing”, or “his conscience was punishing him”. It sounds from the account of the GQ article it sounds like both. He was troubled and he wanted to make right.

    I wish him the best.

  • JP

    I swear some of you are the stupidest motherfuckers on the internet. Or at least neck-in-neck with the racist morons in ESPN and Yahoo comments.

    Respect to him for doing what most men could not. He knew he was sentencing himself back when he chose to confess out of the blue and waived his rights. And he still did it anyway. Do you know what kind of strength that takes? Only God can judge him now, so fuck y’all.

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  • MacDiesel illegitimate son

    Unfortunate day in Hip Hop. Commendable move on the part of Gdep to admit it knowing the implications of his actions. We hear all these rap songs about murdering and killing people but I guarantee you 99.9% of these rappers have never ACTUALLY killed someone. Do you know the mental toll it has on your body knowing that you took someone else’s life. It seems real easy in video games and movies but why do you think so many ex cons regrets their actions years down the line? (ie Tookie) Why do you think so many ex-marines suffer from post war mental instability and 33% commit suicide every year? Its something that very few can actually deal with. Sad part is even after Gdep is released he will still be haunted by his actions.