• JustMyOpinion

    “Don’t read the contract unless I see a mill in there.”

    “If they don’t love it they hate it then get yo hate on nucca.”

  • MacDiesel illegitimate son

    Meek mill is the hottest rapper out now. We can all agree on that. As much as I like him though history doesn’t bode too well on his side. I’d say Big Sean and Wiz had a tad more buzz leading up to their solo album releases yet neither was able to really sell units substantially over 200k. Moreover, both of those rappers were much more POP-RAP oriented and appealed to suburban white/black kids. Idk if Meek can do it but I’m rooting for him. Realest nigga out now.


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  • Carlos “The Hip Hop Historian”

    I’m glad kendrick lamar signed to Aftermath. I am hearing that Kendrick album will drop the same day as detox!!!!! Meek mill is below average. Kendrick is above average. I just wish kendrick never signed to Dr.Dre….

  • MacDiesel illegitimate son

    @MacDIESEL Shut the fuck up you old ass cornball. you be thinking hard as for these corny comments LMAO

  • The Truth

    Fredro Starr >>>> Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar


    Kendrick Lamar makes J. Cole look like he don’t know what the fuck he’s doing

  • dat nig

    @mikediesel illegitimate son

    Yeah but wale album sold over 400,000 so your opinion holds no weight!!!!!

  • mac DIESEL

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  • MacDiesel illegitimate son

    @datnig You are a fool my friend. Number 1. his first album flopped and his lead single was with LADY GAGA (thats as POP Rap as it gets) Number 2. your referring to his second album which only sold 160k first week and came out in NOVEMBER OF 2011 (http://www.sohh.com/2011/11/wale-speechless-over-first-week-sales-we.html) Number 3. If you know anything about the music industry you know labels only care about first week sales and whether your album can go gold or platinum within its first 6 months of release. His album has done neither.

    I win again.


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  • Lil’ Fizz

    I went to high school with @Mac Diesal & he brought me the Eve Scorpion CD and Save The Last Dance Sountrack CD from Circuit City

  • dat nig

    @Macdiesel illegitimate son

    When did selling 160,000 in the first week become a bad thing especially these days when major artist or doing 5000. Number one what does his firhst album got to do with anything 2. Your a retard. 3. Your a retard. I win u bitch

  • PHILLYWAY…(215)

    if dre producin kendrick album… get use to that nigga doin a bunch of features, bcuz he aint gon neva drop!!!! oh yeah,,, its meek summer PHILLY STAND THE FUCK UP..

  • Black Shady

    I get that Kdot gotta branch out and work with everybody….but who’s really tryna listen to kendrick with Meek Mill???

    where the hell is that Kdot/Cole tape lol

  • That Guy

    Second @Black Shady. Meek Mill is another carbon copy rapper; he’ll fade with time. It is what it is, it’s not about liking or disliking him. How many songs have we heard like this one? millions. exactly the same lyrics in different order with a different beat behind them. It required no second listen, I got everything he said the very first time.
    Lamar, on the other hand, took rapping about the same old shit and made it somewhat clever and more importantly different. He’s lowering himself by working with individuals like Meek.
    Where is Cole and Lamar. We need that shit. Stop wasting god damn time.

  • the brain trust

    @ Black Shady

    Was thinking the exact same thing (in relation to the Cole/ Kendrick tape). Those snippets were incredible.

    Never rated Meek Mill. He even manages to make Kendrick sound generic & unbearable.

  • kayandgee

    thats some hot shh i dont know what everyone hating is hearing, k dot verse was one of the best ive heard this year so far, i loved the way they attacked the beat, super dope to me

  • EV

    If you like Kendrick Lamar, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Check’em out here:


  • GI JOE

    Generic ass raps. Smh Yall hype up anything

  • beekeeper

    Kendrick is shootin up people in his rhymes now cause he is along side Meek. SMH

  • t dot j

    yo yall needa chill on Kendrick, you see its jus a track he havin fun with…damn da man aint gotta b all serious all da time..SMH get off his nutz

  • Dreadstar

    I hear everyone saying the same thing ” Recycled Raps over semi same beats” If this is true then explain to me why every other fucking rapper that is doing the SAME shit is NOT driving a RR, ASTON, and A BMW..The young boy has 2.2 downloads in 2 days. You mufuckas can’t be serious. Rap Radar you need to start Banning haters. I never seen such wild hate in my life..It’s disconcerting as fuck. Let that man shine and just say” Good Job black man and good luck” other than that eat a GOT DAMN DICK if you ain’t got nothing to do but hate. I see the same names saying the same shit on every damn post. Do you mufuckas listen to music or skim thru it…Matter of fact go listen to “Big Dreams” or “Use To Be” off the DC2 if you can’t relate to having the same dream or praying for the same thing since 16 then go play in traffic. Ol hating asses. Stop reading this post and go Download the album..You know u like it on the low, it’s okay if you do.

  • That Guy

    @Dreadstar, your comment is truly touching supporting the poor “black” rapper (I don’t see what color has anything to do with what we are talking about). Pay attention to what is being said:

    Meek Mill: unoriginal, repetitive lyrics.

    Kendrick Lamar: makes repetitive subject matter (in this song) original and interesting to listen to.

    Do you see the difference? What I don’t get is this, though: “I hear everyone saying the same thing ‘Recycled Raps over semi same beats’ If this is true then explain to me why every other fucking rapper that is doing the SAME shit is NOT driving a RR, ASTON, and A BMW.”

    I don’t see how him driving those cars makes his music any better. All it shows me is that he appeals to a bigger audience, which a lot of terrible rappers do these days, ahem 2 chainz. How much you make isn’t an indicator of musical prowess. I’m sure Slaughterhouse, Nas, Lamar, Cole make less than him and he can’t hang with them at all so there goes your “argument.” Lastly, call it whatever the fuck you want “hate, showing no love, etc.” If I don’t like someone’s music, style, or subject matter I’ll voice it. Anything negative is automatically labeled as hate, right? Ok, so when some fruit-rapper makes a song that goes like this: “swag swag yolo swag ugh ugh i ride that benz, sittin on them rimz, bitch and pistol on my waist gold teeth on my face” we’ll all say: “yes! you go faggot rapper! you had a dream and you prayed for bitches, diamonds, and selling drugs when you’re already rich. what fucken aspiration! no body can tell you its pathetic so go, be free, and continue spitting your profound lyrics.”….Clown.