• jimmy iovine

    Kabbalah tree of life as single art.. hmm what has Dre been teaching you? 😉

  • B.Dot

    I like this. The hook is eh to me. But i esp like Ab’s first verse

  • I wasnt digging the rap or the beat selection. K. Dot’s voice doesnt sound capsulating, any.

  • navo


  • That’s not a single cover, it’s Ab-Soul’s album cover for “Control System”.

  • daayyyummm

    he just said he better than jay z nas and when he dies he coming for big and pac this shit though

  • mac DIESEL



  • c. dot

    hook is alight…but the 16’s are mean!!

  • Krazy_one

    West Up! TDE/Aftermath takeover!

  • Tru Talk

    Hottest crew out!! FUCK MMG AND FUCK YMCMB

  • Citylivin’

    so many quotables you can pick from…sheesh!

  • yeah

    sick song but ab soul tweaked when he said he raps circles around hov

  • Agree’s with @BDot.. Me knowing Ab-Soul personally a long time, he has came along way lyrically. I got old records that i produced for him, and he sounds totally different. Hard Work pays off.

  • Kendrick murdered it

  • hxxvaz

    Kendrick is dope, but he need to stop with all these pointless collabos he been doing and release the real music he got wit my nigga DRE!!

  • west

    TDE.back to that westcoast g shit

  • Word

    This artwork alone >>>>

  • lilrizq

    artwork is pretty dope, co-sign what @word said.

  • M.T

    im feeling this.

  • Berklee


  • This is tough.I like this beat a lot.These dudes always got bars.Why they are using that symbol IDK?Hook is just alright, but the rest is great.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • Get Real

    TDE got next? They may have just put MMG & YMCMB on notice.

  • 7 day theory

    another one bites the dust … till the world blow you know what it is


  • clay
  • HK

    ab murdered this.

  • XXXS


  • mac DIESEL’s Assistant ( MMG = Mixtape Music Group )



  • WestCoast


  • the One

    Hot track!! ” the real one” thanks for the flattery… Great creativity with the name!!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
    memba dat pussy!!

  • King

    these niggas are the biggest dickriders in whole world….i mean Kendricks voice on any song is whack…his lyrics are off the hook no doubt…but any song got kendrick in niggas say he killed it…fuck y’all kendrick is good but no where near the “best rapper alive” title…quit dickriding and this also goes to Hov fans

  • JohnB

    It’s always nice to see people sticking to the lyrical path and make something with it…
    Go Kendrick, Go TDE, keep up the good work!!!!

  • F.I.V.E.

    This shit straight. Kendrick killed it lyrically, spitting fire on ’em! Fuck haters.