New Music: Azealia Banks “Jumanji”

Before releasing her Broke With Expensive Taste debut, YN’s favorite femcee provides some safari music on the first single off her upcoming Fantastic mixtape. Uh girl, bye.

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  • Jasså

    Smh, is this a joke?

  • Yall call her whack but post her music,hahahaha

    I told yall rapradar was gonna post her music,Now yall look dumb for that you played yourself….


    Sounds like A$AP Rocky hit a blunt of helium and decided to rap like a bitch.

  • B.Dot

    This bitch terrible.

  • Scope

    Can we talk about how Elliot Wilson came at Banks for going at a ‘legend’ in TI, but said FUCK ALL when rookie ass Big Sean and Drake went at a real ATL legend like Ludacris? In fact he even supported it?

  • Collar Cali

    @Hypebeast Killer thats what I’m saying! LOL…
    @Scope Real point!
    They have favorites on this site so whatever. It’s not that bad, it’s better than French Monatana, Chief Keef & other cats they flood on here.

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  • Black Shady

    LOL this the bitch hating on everybody?

  • B.Dot

    Um, we been posting her music. Even if it sucks, we got a job to do.

  • kingBENNY

    Was that Cory Gunz?

  • Hip-Hop


  • Brooklyn

    Hey Brian, why she gotta be a bitch? Elliot must not have gave you your $150 dollars this week

  • B.Dot

    $151. 29

  • Crew Love

    Its fucking Dope

  • Chris

    HAHAHA, yeah, right lol. This ho is garbage

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Iggy >>>> Banks

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Kanye be co-signing some weak ass artist

  • @B.Dot stop lying dude,U not even the real B.Dot….Put rick ross on you played yourself for getting his album pushed back three times.Nigga said December 2011 lol

  • Word

    What is the promblem? This shit go hard.

  • Cause I Can

    @Hypebeast Killer

    They are not allowed to post and say anything negative about William if they do they will be sacked

  • Get Real

    Damnation to whoever helped put this girl’s music out.

  • kappy

    this bitch is terrible…id rather listen to dying goats then this nikki rip off

  • Chris

    I don’t like the beat, but she can rap. Anyone who says otherwise is a hater.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Not feeling this shit but her other shit is fire, I’d definitely pick her album up before i listen to Meek millz

  • F.I.V.E.

    This is bad… real bad.

  • ok

    I think the style of music she does doesn’t fit the rapdar type or taste of the majority of music listeners that come to this site. So posting her track here out of spite just to diss it does nothing. Her fan base is elsewhere rapradar is very biased you pick sides. alley boy dissed T.I the legend .why wasn’t he in the blackout section?

  • This is dope! Fuck what a biased blogger say!

  • Collar Cali

    @Your mother’s “friend” U had ne till that Meek comment.
    @ok Thats what I’m sayin….

  • Donn


    Then you get a chick who can actually spit and you complain? Are y’all listening to this?? She’s going in. i don’t get y’all sometimes.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @Collar Cali i don’t hate Meek but what is he saying that hasn’t been said by any other NY & Philly rapper ?? i’ll give “i’m a boss” its props but that’s where it stops

  • oj Da Cornball

    more authentic than that Izzy chic still.

    Izzy is trash.

    B Dot. you’re wack for not sperating a whack beat/hook versus her actual skills.

    Iggy chic is being shaped as a gimmick, ghost written and all that.
    This chic on her own doing her.

    That aside, “THE SONG” is whack. She can still spit better though.

  • Chris

    This is just as bad as Nicki. What in this can possibly be hot? I know the streets aint feeling this. Only skinny jean wearing hipster fags

  • Churrch on the move

    dope and different real shit

  • shit actually pretty decent…it’s very diffrent and needs to be engineered but other then that it’s an aight joint. nuttin spectacular but far from trash

  • reallydoe

    Is she the female Cam?

  • Realniggashit

    I fucks with it

  • Santa

    read the comments, expecting some wack shit.

    wack shit I did not recieve.

  • hazz

    She can spit and that is all that matters.. trying make other posters laugh is lame go to MTO or Bossip

  • Tysonzz

    First time hearing her rap, I cant lie she nice. I like da fact she called out T.i for being a snitch too that was real talk that no one likes to bring up

  • p

    i don’t feel this girl as a person ….but take my word for it this is the best female rapper out there via a lite year and a mile.
    and from what is getting leaked she.ll more than likely bury most top 20 rappers out there …………….
    so be true to the GAME respect true talent.
    pmasterbuilders uk

  • damm

    this is dope nicki cant f with this do

  • jj

    rhymes is good, beat is bad…

    she way better than that pale lab rat iggy

  • J Money

    WTF has rap become?!! *turns UP Lil’ Kim Hardcore*

  • KeepItReel101

    For all those saying Lil Kim is still relevant in 2012, need to check out the recent tracks she’s doing…… She sounds more like Nicki & Banks now than she did 8 years ago

  • u know

    this was decent

    nothing mind blowing or anything

    but I will listen to more of her and see what`s up

    another thing, those of u calling this wack need to get your head checked

  • This is why it is good to have your own opinion —- why are you all saying this is trash ?

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Banana fanna fo fanna fi fy fo fanna. Death to nursery rhymes.

  • Nicki Minaj was/is terrible.

    Gucci Mane was/is terrible.

    2Chainz was/is terrible……………………

    This chick should be a superstar by July.

  • I think Elliott should have researched the situation out a bit before going at her throat. TIP was the one being disrespectful by getting himself between two WOMEN arguing which his own artist apologized for what the real reason the “beef” started over. She responded to TIP then he says that she is the one that needs to keep him out of it? Do research before feeding masses misleading information and expecting to be in the right.

  • greeeasy

    Yeah I like.

    Not perfect but she goes in hard.

  • Protest

    Rappin like Cory Gunz= Not a good look

  • M.T

    this wasnt that bad but not really good eitther. it sounds she can maybe spit tho.

  • kevin eubanks

    basically what OK said. best, most sensible post in the whole thread.

    i heard of her from a magazine months ago. she had a song called “212”. literally off one listen i said THIS IS THE SICKEST FEMALE RAPPER I’VE HEARD IN YEARS.

    period. she can spit. and she sings. this particular song is weak and to be honest i’ve heard more of her songs and none are touching 212. but asap rocky has a buzz 10x what she has and he is mediocre dime-a-dozen, imo. no controversy from the “heads” though, i see. because he does the same-old, tried-and-true themes of macho shit-talking, weed-smoking, ho-fucking, money-getting, tough talk over the same big-name producers beats. industry-co-signed. azealia is blazing a new path. we’ll see, though.

    i hope she brings it with her future material to live up to the potential i saw.

  • jay

    sounds fresh.

    she’s making music that nicky needs. the cross over.

    nabks is gonna take over the world, her vid is getting a lot off airplay, at least her in europe



  • bah

    This sounds like a soundtrack to a mix of The Lion King, Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid.

  • all harlem niggas rap like CAMRON GILES

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  • Crew Love

    this goes hard
    people just ain’t ready
    they’ll get it soon


    Sounds like KILLA hahahaha HARLEM thing i guess

  • hahaha

    just listened to this. You rapradar cats are terrible. Can’t wait to see you guys chart Rick Ross’ weight loss instead of delivering unbiased Rap/Hip Hop news. Support progression not regression. Such a shame. But hey i’m just a nigga in the comments what do yall care hahaha

  • rahrahrah

    well done.

  • ghost on set

    This a joke? You really gotta worry about this game when sheer trash like this gets through the door and somehow has a buzz. I don’t get it

  • Marko-V

    I don’t believe all the gunplay she mentions in her rhymes much like I paid no attention when Kreashawn and V Nasty was spittin dat. So maybe it’s jus swag to talk about violence now. IDK


    You won’t like this:

  • 3 Times

    This shit is dope. I remember a gang of niggas hating on Wayne heavy for 4-5 years before he sold a millie. What’s wrong wit niggas? Beats me (pause).

  • mac DIESEL




  • the beat is nice and she got her flow in…how come some of you guys hate on everything

  • lola

    Wait she’s a rapper ….the same rapper that keeps up beef to make sure she stays relevant untill her album drops …. Well I guess the reason for all that hand work on twitter is because of awful music like this …. Ijs

  • Shagirl08

    This is dope and refreshing. Say what you want about her but this girl can spit. She got flow and crazy wordplay. Go check out some of her other songs like grand scam and runnin and you see what im talking about.

  • teddy penderrass

    this shit hot a shit

  • B.Dot

    @greeeasy fuck you

  • that beat is niice! this was aight…

  • qbeezy

    female version of killa cam with that boopity boop coupe lost the roof bullshit!!!

  • BlackGods

    this shit is decent to me,no remy ma or foxy,but its alright. nicki -> pop

  • it sounds good. but what exactly is the fucking message?