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  • JustMyOpinion

    These headlines need to start reading “Same rappers that we always talk about.” No shot at RR, but this site covers the SAME artist EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. *yawn*

  • Black Shady


  • Meek Mill performed as well, don’t worry I will have video footage up from this event Sunday at the latest

  • Ricky

    Its Travis Porter not Travis Barker

    Rapradar take your L

  • what he said

  • Anyone know where I can find more footage of this?

  • huh

    I love how they get travis porter name totally wrong and nobody cares cause he lame anyway

    • ctfu at you calling them Lame. I think they make great music but it hasn’t picked up yet. And for them to just now be dropping an album is bad. Future came out and dropped an album immediately. Their first album should be a “best of” because they have a nice collection of songs that are going to waste on mixtapes, but yet we have partied to before.

  • Cause I Can

    same shit different day

  • damm

    whoa these artist are not that good i like rickross beats but thats it this is kinda sad i

  • shots fired

    Ross’ fake jump shot was broke as fluck

  • mmg

    ross losing weight no homo

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