• Lil Majer The Cartune

    Ludacris and Tip in the same month! I can dig it!

  • Scrilla

    Using his show for sales…pretty genius



  • Birdham

    Oh man… Good!

  • Devante

    Sorry the jail sentence and sudden change of sound really ruined his career. Everyone gave him a pass with Paper Trail because of the probation. Then No Mercy and I’m Flexing completely turned me off from hearing any new material from him. you’ve been gone to long dawg your spot has been filled.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Looking more forward to the second season of his his show than his new album. Nobody cares about his trap music after seeing he pussy whip by his ugly ass wife and this nigga is the Bill Cosby of Atlanta.

  • J-B

    @Devante Been filled by who? 2 Chainz? SMH TIP still got it, and paper trail was fuckin dope, so wtf are u talkin about?

  • DoinTooMuch

    @Hip-Hop Fiend, I feel the EXACT opposite. That show is really ruining his reputation and wish it was just cancelled. Also, how is he the bill cosby of atlanta? Because he’s a rapper that actually cares about his family?

  • Devante Been

    @J-B His spot as King Of South has been filled by J. Cole.

  • J-B

    @Devante I wouldn’t consider J Cole a southern artist. He doesn’t have that southern sound. If u said someone like Big K.R.I.T, then I’d be like yea, u right. To me he the only one that could take T.I. spot as actual king of the south.(not that it matters, really)

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @DoinTooMuch I feel the same way that show is hurting his rep but thats why I can’t take his trap music serious no more. The show is already out there and is entertaining so he should just run with it. Is T.I talented yes very much but he never really reach sold me on what type of a rapper he is trully is. I’m knocking him for being a father but the camera ar unnessary you are supposed to be a father regardless. His music ain’t shit lately. He should honestly tak up acting full time, since thats what he does best in reality.

  • Devante Been

    @J-B Shut the fuck up you sound stupid. Cole don’t have a southern sound so he can’t be the King Of The South??? He the best out. At times T.I don’t sound like he from the south. Big K.R.I.T already surpassed T.I and his album hasn’t even drop yet. Jay Electronica is New Orleans but will rap circles around T.I.P, you must have nuthin 2 Chainz, T.I, Future and other trap rappers in your iPod fuck boy.

  • J-B

    @Devante Been Since its clear YOU are not from the south, I’ll explain. Most people down here wouldn’t consider north carolina apart of the south. Which is why I said what I did. Also, until K.R.I.T or J Cole accomplish what T.I. has done in his career, u sound crazy for even comparing them, let alone saying they are better. That’s like comparing Jay Z to Jay electronica, u can’t do it.

  • Devante

    @J-B J-Cole has been making a fine start in surpassing T.I. J Cole has a gold album, Platinum single and Grammy nomination with in his first album. T.I. Didn’t achieve any of that until he was five years deep in the game with a major record deal.

  • Luminous Story

    J. Cole, Jay Electronica & KRIT > TI
    TI is finished… His latest songs have been garbage. Old TI isn’t coming back just like old Wayne isn’t either.

  • micah

    North Carolina is considered the south Eva heard of peety* pablo niggas is dumb

  • 2020 Listen

    Wow people really dick artists when theyre hot. Idgaf who’s more lyrical Tip has accomplished way more then Krit and Cole put together and neither of them in no shape or form are qualified to have the title of king of the south. Take your opinions out of the picture and think about the facts and numbers and combine that with who the people of the south are actually feeling.

  • Let’s see we got ludaversal trouble man and akon stadium dropping the same month I got my money on ludacris but the only good single from trouble man is pyro still looking forward to t.I. I’ve always been a t.I. fan since trap music he’s gotten better and better each album except no mercy still a classic but he wasn’t able to put his full potential into it lets hope this is like t.I. vs t.I.p and paper trail

  • Music

    “says he will release his Trouble Man album on September 4”


    says it won’t come out this year.

  • Why So Serious

    Is this guy seriously considering Cole as a southern rapper?????????
    Please name me a track of J Cole that sounds like a trap song or southern hip hop.

  • mac DIESEL

    Devante says:

    Sorry the jail sentence and sudden change of sound really ruined his career. you’ve been gone to long dawg your spot has been filled.




  • keisha

    this man is really about his money a must see guys check this out http://www.streetleaguemovement.com

  • firealarm

    Nobody’s checking for TI anymore.

  • BIG JR

    @firearm THIS GUY IS!

  • BIG JR

    I hate when people say nobody’s checkin for a certain artist just because they not checkin for them. You don’t speak for everybody my dude.

  • H-town

    Bitch ass niggas shut up! T.I. Out sales everybody and gone do it again sit back and watch the show he about to put on….. Lame niggas be quiet

  • proTyles

    yall niggas gay or what………. smh just look at that sexy girl wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Koolin

    lol..how can u write nobody is checking on him when you just did by listening to his latest song,commenting that its trash and that nobody is checking on him?the fact that his last song got 90 or so comments shows that people still care otherwise you wouldnt have bothered to listen…his last album went gold from prison just like lil wayne..this 1 will go platinum coz he has loyal fans..you dont release 5 platinum album by mistake..his music might not be the same coz he is way older,music has changed..and if for those who dont like paper trail you have to realize that was his mosrt successful album to date..Trap music doesnt sell anymore..gangster rap too..this is why Rick Ross still doesnt have a platinum album..we must stop being ignorant and accept..Trap Music is now a mixtape genre..

  • drizzy

    KING of the MFucking SOuth

  • M.T

    thats so long. Hopefully TI can make a comeback.
    lol @ “you’ve been gone to long dawg your spot has been filled.” by who???

  • BIG JR

    I mean shit, alot of people not checkin for Big KRIT. And your point is?

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  • greenboy10

    To those weird people J Cole is a hot rapper from the south. He even got a song called Bun B for president. I lived in Augusta GA, DC and NC. And DC and half of Virginia dont even claim NC. I lived in GA for 20 years so i know wat is southern and NC is definitely the south