• eazy

    Rap radar need to stop sucking 2 chainz his verse was some shit and its no better than the song …

  • Anonymous

    OUCH MY EARS!!!!!


  • lll

    Kreyshawn must be hanged for the crime she just committed on hip-hop
    2 Chainz is one of the worst rappers i’ve ever heard.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kreayshawn x 2 Chainz

  • merry


  • HK


  • fuk waka

    ‘Other than the verse from Chainz, this song is awful’ ??
    2chainz verse was WORSE than anything!

  • o_0

    garbage, trash, basura, throw-away, disposable…….this shit is painful to listen to
    this bitch is all they way, full, 100%, the epitome of horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ible!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Kreayshawn @ 2 Chainz




  • the void

    @ Amaya. your opinion doesnt matter. dont forget it.

  • HK

    She makes LIl B sound like Rakim

  • MC Rein

    nothing wrong with this song, its Kreyshawn what do you expect, i like the song

  • MrSkeezyMak

    SOng is ass, as is 2 chainz, why is this site on 2 Chainz dick

  • Why So Serious

    Yall niggas stupid AF!! For even clicking the play button

  • gaydar

    Fuck your opinion just put up the song… Bet if Krey was a east/southern artist yall like her.. Fuckin faggots if you delete this comment yo aint got no mother

  • Anonymous




  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    The beat is expected

    The flow is expected also

    SO no surprise here ….
    other then maybe disconnecting from kreyshawn music before this flow becomes a cult.

    Hip hop blog are promoting this like the early eminem hype them when the album came back then they trashed it hard to stop it so plan b the more you trash kreyshawn the more chance she will get better and if you really hate and talk about it and it;s faith then she will be the next top female rapper

    SO have fun Queen of hearts

  • facepalm

    Fucking Terrible

  • Rj6942

    2chainz will be gone by next year. he cant rap for shit, the industry will use him and abuse him then leave him for dead. FACT

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ #truestatement

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ mac DIESEL’s Assistant

    Isn’t that a fake website? How I know? Website domains are NEVER in capital letters.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Reason She Took Forever To Put Out a Song Is because Her Ghost-Writer Cut Ties With Her….

  • LocDog

    How come my comment was removed? all I said was kreayshawn sucks. 360 too. 360 must be rap radar’s artist to censor comments. That kills your credibility to censor.

  • LocDog

    2 chainz (tity boi) been around since the 90’s. he not going anywhere.

  • the void

    its funny how 2chainz is getting all that hate but he his family is set for life. how you gonna hate his hustle

  • jus sayin doe

    when dick riding 2 chainz goes wrong lol.
    @the void how the f u know this nigga n his fam set for life?

  • M.T

    “Other than the verse from Chainz, this song is awful.”
    nah both were awful

  • M.T

    @the void
    2chainz is getting hate cuz of his wack, mediocre music, no one gives a fuck about his family or hustle.

  • lilrizq

    Not bad… people expect too much from music nowadays. the bay always have there own sound.

  • World Famous Kev

    I expected a lot worst from Kreyshawn, but this is ummmmmmmmmm okay. To be honest 2 Chainz verse disappoints me and I actually like him. Might just be over saturation, I’m hearing him too much, I’m probably hating though. Anyhow keep getting money

  • lmao this is too funny , so her record label is going to actually let her release an album? they should seriously let her release a free mixtape or EP to gauge her fan base before fully investing in a project. She only had one hit song which wasn’t really a hit, and that was last year. now with new chicks like iggy and Azealia Banks gaining some attention, I don’t see kreyshawn’s career going any further than it is. She’s a dead stick.

    2chainz will be 2000% irrelevant by the end of this year, he creates a good presence on tracks but other than that his lyrics are horrible he’s not a good enough rapper to carry a full album. Future is a prime example look at his record sales………….

    it’s trips me out to hear 2chainz talking about how hard he works..like really? it’s hard work to write those lyrics, meh.

    www,freshsideny.com!!!!! check us out!

  • this song is for her core audience it will get airplay but it took her too long to drop a track.

  • Shade

    I usually defend this sites “dick-riding” comments but huh…this whole song is awful don’t dick ride 2chainz

  • Soul Position


    This is the song of the year!


    In Special-ED class!

  • LeWave

    I thought this ni88a said “no more features until his album comes out” ? Tired of hearing his random ass lyrics.. and I been a Tity Boi fan !

  • Plead5

    2chainz need to stop while he’s ahead! Kreayshawn??? really. smh

    … Muppet Baby Creator Tells Tiny (Ti’s Wife) To Change Her Face; Doesn

  • Chris

    That V nasty collab killed gucci career and kreashawn gone do the same to 2 chainz… All money ain’t good money.

  • Sheezee

    Columbia Records bout to lose that 1million dollar advance this chick sucks so fucking much!!!!!!!!

  • This website is on 2chainz dick…Both verses were fucking terrible,I can’t believe tity boi got a buzz after all these years.Damn hip-hop sucks smh

    2chainz will always be that tall garbage nigga from DTP to me

  • onanigga

    Amaya, grow the fuck up faggot.