• Gambino

    asian girls everywhere, UCLA

  • See(sic)

    Wow this sounds like some Kanye back in the day, from the sample to Gambino’s rhymes. Shits dope

  • This is dope.

  • Mike

    this shit is weak. fake kanye and that other guy is off beat

  • the void

    fuckin oreo.

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  • hip hop is dead

    I know hip hop when i hear it and this is hip hop, good job troy

  • Bertie

    incredibly dope

  • his dresscode screams CL Smooth lmao!

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  • paynomind (@paynomind)

    Where is the download for this track?

  • Leesa Ziesman

    Asian girls have been fetishized by a lot men in the west, who see them as exotic and mysterious, a whole ‘nother flavor in the banquet that is women. Many of those same men also tend to be under the impression that Asia is a continent just teeming with hot girls who absolutely love white men. Of course, part of this misconception could stem from the fact that in Asia, the men don’t even seem to have a good grasp of what their ladies look like. Seriously, they don’t even know how to draw their own women (For source, see every anime ever).;

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