The Breakfast Club Interviews DJ Drama

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DJ Drama broke bread with Power 105’s morning clique to discuss why he didn’t participate in

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  • LeWave

    1. Why U Mad Envy, no one care about Clue?
    2. No, we don’t need a new generation of mixtape DJs
    3. Drama, no love for Gucci Mane?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Do you really have respect for a DJ that support “rappers” like Cashin out & Future.

    This guy is a joke. I am not going to jump on the “DJs are obsolete” bandwagon, but I will say this; DJs don’t break artist anymore, they play what’s “hot.” They do not dictate what is heard anymore and they are scared to except that as a fact. When Jermaine Dupri made the statement “DJs are [obsolete]” everyone had him to hang, but, maybe he was onto something.

  • Trillionaire

    “DJs don