Jenny Boom Boom Interviews Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti made his way to Connecticut for a sit down with Jenny Boom Boom and Craig G on Hot 93.7. In their six minute chat, he said he makes about $90,000 a week from shows, talks Road To Riches Tour and his writing process.

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  • Converse


    Fuck My Life?!!!

  • Homie

    Gotti a true G, I see how Jenny tried to bait him into laughing at that Young Buck shit. Staleface.

  • Yo making 100K a week.IDK bout that, but whatever.That’s like 5 million a yr. If so he winning
    Check out “Spaz Out” by LOCH –

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Ummm….I fucks with Gotti but I call bullshit on the 90k a week figure. He may make that on his best/good weeks where he’s fully booked out, BUT he’d have to stay fully booked out doing shows to earn this consistently.

    That’s a million dollars roughly every 11-12 days. Even saying he’s making a million every 2 weeks (14 days) is a stretch as that would equate to 26 million a year.

    Now the question becomes….do you really think Gotti is making 20-26 million a year?? Ummm…..NO!

    Not to be all in the next man’s pockets but truth is truth and math is for everyone, doing the math on that quote seems a lil excessive and unrealistic.

  • He MIGHT make 90 k a week if on an album tour, not the whole year. I dont believe he doesnt write any raps. He alluded that he doesnt read his raps in a studio. That doesnt mean that he hasnt memorized a written before going to the studio.

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