New Music: Justin Bieber Ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth “Boyfriend (Remix)”

Bieber continues to surprise everyone and tonight he gives us the official remix to his current single featuring Dos Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth. Believe, June 19th.

ill roots

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  • wizsucks

    Hip Hop is getting cornier by the day

  • herbsaac

    Well. Asher Roth had the best verse. Mac Miller once again sounded like that annoying kid brother at the cypher who spits shit to impress but it rarely does

  • TD Cruze

    Not that bad actually. Biebs could be the next Justin Timberlake one day

  • AliX

    Damn it I miss hip hop

  • Donn

    Asher Roth went all the way in. People are gonna hate cus it’s Justin Bieber but if it was Justin Timberlake with the same song it be cool

    He’s a KID!!

  • M

    Fuck the haters, get your money.

  • ayysir

    this beat is low key tough, good work mike posner

  • Hahaha wack rappers…the game done switched up…

  • this shit is aiight

  • Anonymous

    OWWWWWWWWW MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • push

    lol in the cover art 2 chainz is lookin down like ..da fuck is this lil wigga?

  • Itsfarfromover1

    2 chainz!

  • Tyrint Tm

    2 CHAINZ! and LMAO @push

  • Carlito

    this dude laughin at all y’all hatin ass niggas straight to the bank.

  • check it out

    The new Gym Class Heroes music video for

  • jfraz1992

    mac miller had the best verse hands down, 2 chainz was ass, asher roth was ok

  • nutsonya

    2 Chainz is the 2012 Industry Ho of the Year!

  • Yup !



    HA !

  • submitcomment

    @nutsonya LMAO

  • JL

    Any rapper who jumps on bieber’s song should lose all credit…

  • oakland73rd

    Back in the day Shit like this was an instant sucka move

  • OZ

    ^^AGREE^^^ unfortunately even Raekwon

  • M.T

    mac miller surprised me on this.

  • James

    All I’m going to say about this rap game is if tupac and big were here they would kill us for letting the game get to this. Lucky for eminems career and now slaughterhouse. Imagine biggie man he would love crooked I nowadays hahaa. Damn. If only tupac and em had a song to that would be the shit. Anyways, enjoy your day coz this game has fuked mine.

  • BiggBank


    C^s UP CUZZ!

  • Despite

    Fuck the haters this ain’t bad.

  • James says:
    Thursday, May 24 2012 at 9:26 PM EST

    All I

  • Black Shady

    oakland73rd says:
    Thursday, May 24 2012 at 9:10 PM EST
    Back in the day Shit like this was an instant sucka move


  • Peekay

    good beat. 2 Chainz is terrible.

  • seriously why do people let this happen beiber is pop and girly music and 4 dudes did a song called boyfriend…? sounds homo


    @Carlito just as Wayne be laughing at your hating ass straight to the bank?

  • James

    [email protected] says:
    Your a monkey homie.

    Did u see what T.I said the other morning on envys show. He wants out. U clearly don’t see how the older people who were involved in the evolution of hiphop think about the game today. Like people hate on 50 coz he cant top get rich, then this shit comes out n everyone is cool with this????????

    Wake up people. Then u have serena Williams drop a joint lmao. Where is the opportunity for a rapper to pick up a racquet and play tennis in a tournament. So disrespectful. It takes years to be a rapper n she moves in and drops a song. Fuk off bitch u the best player in the world at what u do stay in your lane. Bieber should do same. Talented as fuck but stick to what u do n do it well. N I dunno how the fuck rappers even collab with jb. Probs to get a bigger buzz and have him say shit on his twitter with 23 million followers.

    This game is gay.. I can’t wait for jb to drop a mix tape now.. N fuk wit says below my other post says y u stop him from getting his money lmao. Fukin knob. I ain’t even going to speak on that uneducated post.

    Peace out. N I bet every one here who likes this shit,, never bought an album from any artist on this gay ass song.

  • gay.

  • rednationaial

    First gay marriage now this? FOH I’m gone

  • Nth

    I Like 2Chainz But Cmon

  • rakim

    james has a point, it is not hate if you can back it up?

  • Scrilla

    Looks like 2 Chainz lost his street cred

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  • Gab

    Check my video out and critique

  • jams

    @YUP fuck you take that monkey out of and it still suck like your mom faggot.. SHADY.

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