Chris Brown Fortune Tracklist

Breezy’s favorite hue, must be blue too. Here’s the official artwork for the R&B singer’s fifth studio album. No translator necessary. Pre-order it here. In stores May 8.

UPDATE: Your titles below via hhnm. Album in stores July 3.

1. Turn Up The Music
2. Bassline
3. Till I Die (Ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa)
4. Mirage (Ft. Nas)
5. Don

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    haha a Jay-Z reference

  • veesky

    It’s cool…I feel like they could have used a similar aesthetic 2 the “F.A.M.E.” cover tho’, since they wanted to do the whole “fame v.s. fortune” thing

  • FlocKaveLLi

    disappointing after his last album art. i foresee a house album mixed with some sub par rapping

  • Able Danger

    Get back to rap, you’re Chris Brown’n too much.


    Chris brown is corny and this album artwork will be as bad as his album.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Chris “Beat’em Down” Brown is going to shattered the charts just like that window at good morning america.

  • Edwin

    Kinda Feeling This Album Art Tho, …


  • haha

    fuck that .quit motherfucker

  • Tohottie

    Damn itttttttt, pushed back! WTF

  • Gambino

    why would you pre order if you dont even know the tracklist

  • sweetdeebs

    can’t believe your promoting this woman beater. good look RR… smh.

    can’t believe this dude still has a career.

  • BrainDrain

    lol to all you people who think chris brown’s mistake is still relevant.
    haters gonna hate i guess.
    i cant wait for this album to come out, his voice and art are amazing so that is all I will comment on.
    you internet thugs get too involved in the bs.

  • Polo

    Adele got everybody in the industry pushin they albums back. lol!

    cover looks alright though.

  • imTravi

    Cool cover though

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  • Joe Nasty

    is his album title written in Wingdings?! LOLOLOL

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  • me

    @polo well said am scared of that girl she keep selling like it is candy

  • FAT Graffity


  • Hip-Hip Fiend

    FLOP! Weak ass tracklist… Nas can’t even save this album… 90K first week

  • bob bobby


  • F.I.V.E.

    Kinda weird he doesn’t have Game on this, Game was on his last 3 albums.

  • i dunno

    no game and no lil wayne on this album

  • the homie is on the up & up! damn…
    but, what happened to the R&b…. its starting to die & be over run by electro-Pop dance craze

  • chianne

    This has always been my dude, but not lately. I don’t have a real great feelng about this list and the singles so far.

    And the fact he/they are refusing to do any of those radio interviews he did for FAME. The continuing mess-ups on twtitter, the shots he’s taken at Rihanna (tweets, the dagger rap). All those lovey-dovey photos he and his GF keep posting. And his gaunt look these days – ?? I kinda worry what is happening to Chris.

  • Thank God I’m Fresh

    damn nas does a feature with anyone now? smh

  • jadbeats

    @Thank God I’m Fresh you gon act like Nas aint work with chris brown on the nigger album?

  • BN vs YN

    @sweetdeebs anyone by the name of “Rihanna” deserves the worst beating of their life.

  • HopeUB****

    Chris” Pimp Slap A Bitch”Brown album going be off glass right?


    yes cant wait 4 the album 2 drop dope cover and track lists it breezy bitch

  • o’prince

    Sweet breezy,sweet love.dope album for sure.haters keep hating…team breezy keep moving