• moi

    first fag. S/O to LYRI

  • NoSoup4Yu

    ^ nigga says first, then calls US fags?!

  • kayandgee

    this track is haaard!

  • O.H

    That was fast!

  • dope video! i like how they dont glorify shit. balance.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    I think this confirms it’s about drake if that hasnt been done already. At about 2:50 after dude in the colts jacket, PushaT talking to a light skin dude who is shaking his head but you can’t see his face

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Pusha-T let theses know that G.O.O.D. Music isnt playing around.


    Love this record. YMCMBums don’t want it on the lyrical level. Keep on poppin your E and drinking your lean and making your pop records for skaters, white girls, and pre-teens.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • The Truth

    35 and on the handlebars, just cause you sold a couple rocks don’t make you a pusha nigga, somebody body this nigga on wax please.

  • Trillionaire

    “Jeremy Scott’s all camouflage, you can’t hide it from yourself” ..haha

  • ^Dude that video is years old they were on star trek back then lol,I wanna see Aubrey shoot a video in his hood hahahaha

  • Black Shady

    This my shit!!!!!!!!! shouts to Pusha for pullin their cards…..

  • Yeaaaaaaa that shit hard as fuck. Can’t wait for more heat

  • Sad


  • JL

    Such a good song. Respect Pusha for this

  • Yezzir

    I want another track on weezy f. basehead

  • hard body track with a gloomy visual… this my shit … pointing out the struggle, the pain, the real shit

  • Homie J

    Only reason this song has any hype is the sneak diss he sent at YMCMB… Pusha this is sad you no selling record bum ass rapper. Maybe kanye will finally let him release a CD now

  • hahaha

    wavin red rags in tha video jus to let everybody know he knows a couple bloods ha! pusha’s scared ha!!

  • huh


  • JMillionaire


  • King


    Or maybe he did that just to demonstrate exactly how easy it is to buy a red bandana at Walmart. Since half the song IS about how Lil Wayne is pussy shit, and the gremlin loves his little red flags.

  • Turns out a lot of people love Pusha T, Wayne. So much so that they ride him around on the handlebars of their bikes.

  • Ea$y Bread

    Real Shit has RETURNED!!!

  • REMO


  • Everybody calling this song wack is either a Weezy F. Baby Athletic supporter (look it up dunces) or just a bum…

  • The Truth

    Song aint wack, be he is dissing because he’s jeolous, run you playcloths and sit down, nigga had a major deal since 1997 and still aint never been plat, old ass jeolous nigga!!!

  • Ea$y Bread

    @The Truth

    Watch what happens next…

  • ACE

    AND thats all folks…..I seriously think this is dope enough that Pusha T shouldn’t respond to the wayne diss or to what drake said on his tour, just keep it movin. no twitter trash talk or none of that, he has successfully managed to piss off the most popular rappers in the game plus made a video and that alone is enough. DOPE

  • Kill

    @The Truth

    You’re wrong. Lord Willin’ went platinum.

  • The Truth

    @ kill that shit aint plat still gold, ask Brandy almost doesn’t count, this aint horshoes, nigga been out since 1997, before the niggas he dissing, fuck outta here

  • Kill

    @The Truth

    Try getting some updated info, instead of the Wikipedia page from 2007, slow nigga. Wannabe music heads that don’t know anything outside of a google search shouldn’t even be allowed to have an opinion.

  • death of the weirdo

    this vid is harder then all the other green screen vids over at ymcmb

  • Collar Cali

    @The Truth
    He been out since 1997 & regardless of how he still got bum niggas like U talking about him in 2012… WTF is your point? Shiii is good & IDC who thinks different. If U think this wack then Wayne shiii must be ‘unbearable’…FOH…
    Drake lost when he went on MTV & said he idolized Pusha & he STILL said it AFTER the FIRST jab Pusha threw. What’s to be jealous of IF THE NIGGA LOOK UP TO YOU???????????
    Wayne lost after that diss.
    Case close.
    [IDGAF about albums sold or age… so save it!]

  • death of the weirdo

    pusha is a dope rapper but he needs to step his business game up. yall know he’s an opening tour act for Future right? smh

  • The Truth

    @ Kill where did you get your info from meatbeater you work fuck that nigga , fuck outta here, how you know that shit plat, like I said this nigga had a major deal since 1997 nigga, 1997, and he still riding around on handlebars, your prolly just as old and ride on handlebars too, no job havin ass nigga!!!

  • TheTruthIs…

    35 going at a 25 year old because he took over the game in a way you never could is sad as shit…The fact is, Drake can spit, go listen to the mixtapes…When you hit the mainstream you need to sell…That’s the whole reason for going into the main stream…You can try to come hard and sell double dog bullshit to make zero money or you can make music to make money which is why you wanted to get into the mainstream in the first place…This guy has bars but instead of making money he’s fucking it up…Jay Z would slap the braids off this nigga if he was on the ROC…Kanye made a whole fucking album with auto-tune and singing where the fuck was Pusha T then?? Riding Kanye’s nut sack to get a fucking record deal…Malice already said he aint fucking with Pusha’s beef cause he likes Drake…Kanye does tracks with Drake…Big Sean does tracks with Drake…2 Chainz does tracks with Drake…This idiot is fucking up the money…Broke ass hoes stay broke as fuck

  • djdoit

    1:19….is that supposed to be wayne??? showing him drake tied up??? just sayin

  • Ayo

    ^^^^^ So you’re saying you like artists cuz they sell well?

  • death of the weirdo


    you make a good point but you got rappers that rap to make money n rappers that rap becuz thats their thing n their good at it. soo what if GOOD fux with a couple of YM artists, I think that wont affect Pusha becuz he seems like he’s not really rapping to get a dolla right now. i

  • Hard!!

  • 824

    did anybody peep the wayne look alike at the 3:20 mark bouta key up the whip?

  • thisisravenstwn

    @TheTruthis you have to be the dumbest nigga on the face of the earth smh

  • The Truth

    @ Collargreen Cali, first off the nigga said he looked up to this nigga when he was 16 nigga, 16, why is this old as nigga dissing him for, because he is jealous nigga, cause he acomplished in 3 years what his old ass could only dream of, quit defending that shit

  • TheTruthIs…

    Anyone thinking Pusha rapping solely on the fact that he’s good is in big time denial. If he didn’t care about making money off of rap he would have never signed to a major. He wouldn’t be trying to get a buzz by going at one of the biggest rappers out right now. If he want to rap just because he good at rapping he would just rap and not throw the subliminal. You’re all delirious if you think he’s not in this for the money. Any rapper out, on a major who is getting a look, is out to make money. Pusha just coming off mad because the kids today aren’t into that hard gangster shit that the kids in the 90s and early 2000s were into. Today, they want music they can roll to in their whip, dance to at the club and fuck a bitch to in their room. Pusha isn’t that kind of artist, he has one lane and a guy like Drake closed that lane because he helped change the direction of music.

    I never said I like an artist because they sell well, I respect the artist that is straight up about it and says they’re here to make a dollar. Drake doesn’t rap about selling drugs and killing people, he stays in his lane. Why is Pusha mad for? Because he can’t make a dollar right now, because majors aren’t fucking with the gangsta shit unless you slam it on a catchy beat and wrap a good hook around it. Even then, they will shelve your ass until you come out with something that can sell. Pusha just coming off as an old grumpy ass fool, riding around on handle bars for no damn reason. You’re 35, not 18, grow the fuck up. Jay Z gets respect because he knows how to make music, consistently, that will appeal to the masses. Biggie made mainstream tracks to sell, to get play, to get released and so did Pac. This isn’t something new, rappers coming into the mainstream to sell records and make money. You throw jabs and the subliminal to get attention because you have none. That’s how it’s always been, so he’s just another statistic in the game.


    Why y’all always bring niggas ages up, wayne is 30 and pusha 33 stop trippin he was born in 1978, Clipse had hits with Pharell but YMCMB is lucky Malice is on his christian shit now coz he the real BEAST in the group




  • NahSon

    One of the best songs i heard all year and im not a big Pusha fan.

  • woah ghetto ah fuccc

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    boring vid, boring song..

  • Realshyt

    Good song. But he’s needs another song. Better hope Wayne doesn’t start taking lean again then he might be on some “beat with out a bass”shit

  • Donald


  • Ay! i gotta keep it 100 with yall, That Exodus track by Pusha T go hard. I listened to that shit like 3 times on my way to work this mornin. That nigga got flow, he aint Wayne, but he beast on that track. That nigga said:

  • What yall think?

  • TheTruthIs..

    well…. said, well said!
    it is a different climate out there now… the legitimized “beef” is all for the sake for numbers to sell! but, if the homie does have legit reasons to go at Drake & YMCMB then go at the them for said reason… not jus for the sake of beefing for a buzz.. Pusha is a monsta on the mic bar none & so is the homie drake…. wayne has watered down himself sooooo much it is a shame, but when u eatin u aint as hungry as u 1st came in…. big said that best! u aint neva full in this game cuz when u get comfortable anotha hungry will blow right by u or unless u sign that said artist to stay relevant

    but, if the beef will stay then let’s keep it strictly to wax… u started rappin 2 evade the hood element and take it with u

  • Person


    same bro……

    realest song in a long long time. you can feel it.

  • the One

    For the little nigga who stated they would like to see Drakes hood…. Seeing that you don’t know anything Drake grew up lest then 20 minute walking distance from the 1 st projects in North America!! Come down to Regent Park bitch lets see how hood you really are!!! Yard man full down here in T dot and won’ t hesitate to deal with you case!

  • Guare456

    he got all up in they ass hahahhahaha

  • ben_dover


    That’s what these new niggas don’t even realize. Malice is the colder nigga. They lucky he ain’t rapping

  • getthafaqs

    so many people wanna call Pusha wack because of record sales… well peep game… a lot of these so called “big” artists get ( if lucky ) 10 cents per album sold… Someone like push gets a couple bucks per album sold… so even if he only selling a couple hundred thousand units its more than a milli on a major…. do the math…. push got his $ right… being on a major ain’t shit… ohhh and that huge advance Drake got when he signed, has to get paid back to the label… plus cash money/ymcmb been caught buying they’re own albums in the past to boost sales numbers… do your homework kids!!!

  • agrippagodson


    That’s Pusha’s point. He is going at both Wayne and Drake.

    Drake has not stayed in his lane, talking about catching bodies and shit. He and Wayne talk like their tough guys.

    Look at the whole thing with Drake and the tattoo artist. Talking about he was a “bitch” and a “Hoe” and when he see’s him, he was going to fuck him up. What did he do? Had his body guard see em. Then squashed it? LOL, lame.

    Same thing with Wayne. Sure as a child he grew up in the NO, but kid was pretty much adopted by Baby when he was 12 and has had money ever since. Talking all that “blood,” Im a gangsta nonsense is an act. Yeah, threatened to kidnap your girl and what not?

  • Lg

    this is so tough. pusha absolutely murdered wayne. about time someone did. I think Wayne’s time on top is coming to an end. we can only hope

  • mikey c

    wow pusha t is the hardest rapper, so cute riding on his handlebars at 35, thats how u know he a bum ass, still hanging around losers. Thats why he’ll never be succesful, you grow as an artist and grow away from the hood. You keep them in your memory but never want to stay there. Know one wants to be poor and living in the ghetto slums. I can guarantee that

  • room2roam

    i just listened to this objectively and this shyt is super wack. drake’s stay schemin verse > pusha’s entire career..

  • B. Digital

    Good song, good visual.

  • devon hova

    this song goes so fuckin hard and the video brought the whole message to life . DOPE FUCKIN SONG PUSHA TON ……………

  • M.T

    Good video. It really compliments the song. I’ve been bumping this lately.


    I think its funny how cats get real emotional when someone disses there favorite rapper.. This is just rap beef so dudes need to pull the panty wedge out there butts. Bottom line Pusha T came hard at Wayne. I mean the line you signed to one nigga, thats signed to another nigga thats signed to 3 niggas now thats bad luck. Clown there records deals to Baby.. How is it that Baby worth 100millz and Wayne is just now hitting the Rapper’s Forbes list.. I’m not baisis Wezzy is a dope rapper, and has a crazy grind effort. But.. Lets not forget when Juvie came at him with “What type of nigga got a tear drop/but aint kilt sh…” And Wayne’s response “Oh Boy” diss back to Juvie. Cmonson (ed lover voice). How long did it take for him to stand up for Baby when Jay said “he aint got his lady money”…)Pause. He’s response to that was weak… Even Common roasted Drake and I really like Drake B… YMCB aint about this beef stuff. They aint on Takeover vs Either, Jadakiss vs Beanie Sigel, Lil ‘Flip vs TIP.

    I mean Nicki Minaj came out with “Stupid Hoe” compare that to Lil Kim’s diss record “I came back for you” off that La Bella Mafia and tell me if Nicki really want it.

    We got a royal rumble and lets see if Drizzy and Wayne going comeback strong.. B/c when Pusha T is getting real disrespectful and personal. “Ask Steve Jobs/Wealth dont but health.” AINT DRAKES MOM AND GRANDMA SICK.. SON’S GETTING RECKLESS. So YMCMB fans dont get mad grab vests b/c niggas gunnin for that top spot.

  • elijah

    “signed to one nigga who’s signed to another nigga who’s signed to 3 niggas”
    Isn’t he signed to Kanye who’s signed to Jay-Z who’s with 2 other dudes in Roc-a-fella Records?

    • TMONEY

      For the record Fam:
      Pusha T was with Star Trak until he and his bro started Re-Up Gang where they were distrubuted through different companies. Where they have a chance to get decent turn out on there masters and recordings. While Drake is signed to YM, who is apart of Lil Wayne (who owns Drake and Nicki’s masters), and wayne is signed to Baby and Slim, and Birdman is signed to Slim and Cash Money..

      G.O.O.D Music is cool with Roc-a-fella b/c of Jay and Yeezy. But G.O.O.D music is not under the Rocafella b/c Rocafella is with Def Jam. And Jay would’ve much rather it be RocNation so he can get all that money. U Going to learn today Homie.. LOL#allingoodfun.

  • Itz Yourz

    He can’t be fucking serious?! How do you mess up a diss track by making a video. Like this. You go back to your old neighborhood and exploit the crack heads of your community? Yeah niggas…I said it in his community..they still people. PAC said best “have you ever seen a crack head that’s eternal fire….blasphemy. They have nothing to do with the song so we don’t need to see them beaming up and shit. What was the reason behind it….to sho that you hood..you got custys? This did not make the song tuffer at all.

    You fucking up a win…with this.

  • prada god

    @ ITZ YOURS umm do u reside country side or somethin ………………. because to me and most ppl would agree that the visual brought this track to life ……………… this is real hip hop right there ….

  • ThatReal

    pusha came with it in this vid. unlike some who try to make that life look glamorous, he kept it real & showed the pain & scars.

  • ThatReal

    room2roam says:
    i just listened to this objectively and this shyt is super wack. drake

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  • cuff’em

    PUSHA WON , not commercially, or financially but he WON the battle, no need for him to make another diss track, its OVER

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  • BxWavy

    Great chess move! lets see how this ends…

  • Confused

    aight we saw pusha’s people now let’s see wayne’s ..


  • Even tho some rap niggaz may be from the hood, What makes it cool for this nigga to go back to Norfolk(which is where i

  • X.Kalibur269

    You guys are Idiots (Or just have really short memories). Pusha T was dissing Wayne back in 09 when the Re-Up gang shit was happening (because Wayne thought ‘Mr. Me Too’ was about him) & Wayne didn’t do shit. Then Push backed off (because Wayne didn’t do shit). Then he signed to G.O.O.D. Drake’s been coming at G.O.O.D. artist with subliminals from Kanye (Saying Ye/Jay took Drake/Wayne collab LP idea) to Big Sean (Drake’s ‘I’m On One’ verse is a big subliminal to Big Sean) & the whole Common thing. Pusha’s Simply firing back… at Drake. But since Drake’s too much of a punk, Wayne finally responded to Pusha’s old disses from 09 (If you listen to them, then you’ll realize what the hell Wayne was talking about) with one of the wackest disses in hip hop history. Pusha will Body Wayne on this because Wayne isn’t a battle rapper.

  • nelson

    Fuck me up how all these bitch niggaz dont know Lil Wayne stole the Clipse style a long time ago. Dumb fucks. Who was writing fo the wanna be damu, Gillie da kid. Who the Clipse fuck wit Ab Liva, who was wit it, Major Figgaz. Make since pussy. Pusha went in on that nigga. Nowadays hip hop give to many passes to these bitch niggaz and you fugazi niggaz think cuz ah nigga put ah rag in his back pocket he real.

  • bylaw99

    I’m extremely proud of Pusha for doing what alot niggas want to do but are to scared of industry politics…see Pusha is a real street nigga who really used to get it in, wayne aint ever sold no dope unless he was doing it at 10yrs old.. I remember the hotboys used to wear every color bandana now YMCMB are repping B-dogs now. We all knew the skinny jeans, lip pierced, skateboarding, grown man kissing alien would soon get smacked…and he did!

  • rawstyle

    yo i just want to say its about time this shit happened. i used to be a big fan of wayne. he always stood out back in those early cash money days. you were able to see his growth from boy to man from little rapper to a full blown mega star. BUT ON SOME REAL REAL SHIT. this dude has done some of the most suspect shit over the years..the gang life for him is a LIE. he was a little boy when baby and them took him in. at what point between rhyming and being groomed for his future was wayne gang banging.in those early cash money videos he was repping alot of BLUE. blue shirts blue rags etc.. back then crips were more strong in the industry so he was just doing what he was instructed to do. fast forward 10 years later now bloods carry the swing in the game right now when you want to be known as a gangster rapper. so cash money plans change they revamp the lable they change sets. wayne starts growing dreads starts getting more tats starts creating a more cocky attitude and crafting a better style and flow to match this new image.and if you REALLY PAID ATTETION through those rebuilding years you could see the hold that baby had on him. kept wayne very close by his side they want you to believe that its a father and son bond. but its deeper wayne is baby’s PRIME investment. baby took waynes mind and soul and body a long long time ago. the pic of him KISSING BABY and THE CLIP OF BABY AND WAYNE KISSING ON RAPCITY IN THE BASEMENT was just a little glips of the mind control. yeah wayne is a great rapper his punch lines has become amazing he has giving us some of the best verses, songs, video footage, rockstar antics of last few years. but waynes image is FAKE is he gang banger HELL NO is he some billy bad ass HELL NO him going to jail was just to give his new image a certifid street stamp he is no thug. wayne is just a puppet him playing the guitar and all that was his rock look. he dropped that corny pop rock album. guitar gets put away. now he is skate boarder to make the new image seem real so they can get money in a new market. they have video of wayne learning how to skate board imbrassing the whole skate culture. all so he can get THE WHITE KIDS TO BUY HIS NEW CLOTHING LINE. him wearing these tight ass clothes and bright colors and girl ugg boots and all of this other homo shit. just shows you that WAYNE IS JUST A PRODUCT that belongs to cash money. and real MC’S LIKE PUSHA T who know who they are as men and artist. see through his fakery and its time for waynes crown to SMACKED THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • koopdadon

    we now u could rap young money, but can you stand your grounds on some gangsta shit, the boy pusha t brought it to your front yard, smh..

  • @youngyela

    how can Pusha be signed to G.O.O.D. and STILL keep it THIS ghetto

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