• Sparkz

    This nigga always makes solid music just wish he wasn’t “WRONG” in that phone call!

  • Black Shady

    Buck changed his flow since 50 kicked him out…..I dont know why hes spittin like hes yelling…its just weird

    go back to your old flow my nigga

  • Carlito

    this is pretty dope. beat is smooth

  • milwaukee Q

    Buck killng this rap shit real reconize real. niggas still talking about that phone call what u niggas aint never had a real conversation with somebody u consider a real friend

  • Taytay2032002

    Get em Buck…G-Unit lost all hope of being relevant wit out u my nigga.. 50 got Money, Power n no Respect. The Lost Tape was garbage lol


    ths niga iz dope and will always be dope, nigaz will still talk about that fone convo the only way 4 this niga 2 be back on the map is to get at 50 not in a beef kinda way but in a “fuck you wat you did was wrong” than move on!

  • ^^^^^ Hater ^^^^^^( ” 50 got Money, Power n no Respect. The Lost Tape was garbage lol”) but yet the cat your trying to pick up for was bobbing his head to that garbage tape trying to get back in the bosses pocket… And as far as rap that shit is for fun for 50 he don’t even need it like buck do haha… and as for respect you think 50 gives a fuck if a fake ass industry of cops and niggas that didnt even live the life they rap about like him or not noppeee..!!! he’s to busy getting calls from A list celebrities calling him up to do movies and building businesses like schwarzenegger and stallone Cats with Real paper that will never be in bankruptcy court… Real fuking bosses respect him…

  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag


  • brollya
  • y’all know i love buck, but this is not one of his stronger tracks. i’m still yikin Personal and No Smiles from Live Loyal, Die Rich. that is all

  • @ Taytay2032002

    Buck fuckin with the last tapes buddy … and alot of other ppl too n theres nothing u can do about.
    U can say his mixtape is this n that but mad ppls is fuckin with it n theres nothing u can do bout that.

    And lol @ u thinkin 50 got no respect lol fuckoutta here !!

  • HK

    feelin’ this. dope beat *rewinds*

  • This the Buck that I mess with