Freddie Gibbs Baby Face Killa Cover

Don’t be fooled by the baby face. Freddie keeps it gangsta and throws up his hood for the mixtape’s artwork. Mixtape coming soon.

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  • Realniggashit

    We need that Track list

  • Marko-V

    Super excited. Lil Duval tweeted last week who was a rapper in the game that people actually believed and nobody mentioned Gangsta Gibbs. Hopefully this mixtape will refresh their memory.


  • Simple, yet dope cover!

  • bry from boston

    haha! baby face killa? nigga aint got no baby face, he looks old as fuck lol… all H’d out 7 shit… Im not hating im just saying he is an old faced killa.

  • ITSDman

    nigga looks like someone jus broke his heart

  • Gangsta gibbs bout to take over the summer

  • dsunn


  • Tysonzz

    Baby face?? Nah b he got that Snitch on Airport Security face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KillaTesh

    Cant wait for this.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    G.I. stand up !

  • NoSoup4Yu

    fuck is that supposed to be the sphinx? or is that a hoodie

  • Coolc

    repeat after me? its the mother fuckin world

  • word

    its the mother fucin world !!!!!!!! dope cover not to much off that bs keep it simple…….

  • B-LO

    I swear if a Tupac movie ever gets made, this nigga is my first choice for the role. Gibbs Ho!

  • Obama

    “baby face” lol.. Nigga looks like an old ass man..

  • Scrilla

    Tupac back!

  • realhiphop

    this guy is still trying? hang it up b you got no buzz or fanbase

  • Very Random Nigga
  • Very Random Nigga
  • Pimp Squad Raw

    Dis nigga right here the future of hiphop. The only talented MC (except for Jay Rock, Nips Hussle & Earl Hayes) in the game..

  • Coolc

    The most under rated nigga in the game right now

  • 80/35

    lol @ ITSDman

    Gibbs is the most underrated man in the game right now for sure. I worry a little that he will be “rapped out” by the time his album “Black Tie Party” is released.. I hope not though and I also hope he does a video for “My Homeboy’s Girlfriend” even though he did the video for “Neighborhood Hoez” w/ 2Chainz (which I think was a decision to generate more hype).

    excited to see him at the 80/35 music festival.

  • tohottie26

    Damnnnn, when is this ish coming out??? I’m dieing to hear it. I hear it’s Gibbs b day on the 14th so I hope he drops a surprise gift.

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