New Music: Estelle “The Don (Freestyle)”

Estelle just released her new mixtape, All Of Me: The Reminder, and lays a few of her raps down over Nasir’s “The Don”. Download the mixtape in its entirety here and peep the 37 titles after the jump.

01 Cupid
02 The Don (Freestyle)
03 Guilty as Charged (with Gym Class Heroes)
04 Circulate (Freestyle)
05 Change is Coming
06 True Keys Ninja (with Raekwon)
07 Dance Bitch
08 London Town
09 Funky Dineva Speaks 1
10 Rollacoasta (with Robin Thicke)
11 Boarderline feat. Josiah Bell
12 Ready for Love
13 Still love you
14 Oliver Twist (remix)
15 One Love (with David Guetta)
16 I’m the Shit (Estelle remix)
17 Funky Dineva Speaks 2
18 Waste my Time (BMH remix)
19 I wanna love you
20 Fly girl power feat. Rapsody
21 To remember me
22 Which way to go (with Consequence)
23 Star (with Kardinal Offishal)
24 Hey Girl (with John Legend)
25 Funky Dineva Speaks 3
26 Play my part
27 Everyday Stuggle feat. Rhymefest
28 Dance with me
29 Paragraphs of love (with Ghostface Killah & Vaugn Anthony)
30 Mercedes Benz (with David Banner)
31 No other love (with John Legend)
32 My heart (remix with Wayne Marshall & Mavado)
33 Grown Man (with Gucci Mane)
34 Pretty Please (Love me) (feat Cee-Lo)
35 Freedom (feat. Talib Kweli & John Legend)
36 Funky Dineva Speaks 4
37 DJ Play the Beat

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  • Gambino


  • Midsize Jerm

    Estelle blew up the spot when she came on the scene with that Kanye joint a few years back…unfortunately she hasn’t done anything significant since with her little rap verses…like look at this one here…sure, her bars are barely coherent to an American, but what I really take issue with is the fact that she just about wastes this beat, what with the extended intro and instrumental outro…just for a very basic 16.

    That said, most rappers/singers don’t usually give out 37 track mixtapes with features from Raekwon and, um, Consequence (not the best feature list ever, but not the worst either) just to remind people to buy their album. I remember when AOM: the Prequel came out it had a couple good tracks on it, even if they were just two versions of the same remix. A few of the tracks are re-packages and shit from older releases, but fuck it: The girl trying damn hard.

    So while I won’t be buying no fuckin AOM no matter how many mixtapes half-assed attempts at ‘traditional’ rap beats the girl go at, it still might be worth downloading to dig through the mountain of crap to find the one or two good tracks on the mixtape, if they exist.

    I don’t really feel that RnB shit, or that singing shit tho, so I’m probably gonna delete this mixtape in like a half an hour, but u do u and I’ll do mine and we’ll all be disappointed as long as Rap Radar keeps posting 90% crap and 10% rap.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Now I truly feel ripped the fuck off: I figured the track with Raekwon would be the highlight of the tape. I figured that a verse from Rae would make it all better somehow.


    What a fuckin lie that was.

  • Scrilla

    No Jeezy or 2 Chainz feature= nobody listening

  • PPrrootteesstt

    Estelle, you suck sir.

  • Kanye should of signed when he could. 🙁

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