• Gambino

    can’t wait for KWTGBP

  • Mad55

    Nice Very Nice

  • SON

    PROOFREAD …the title is on the art

  • Download on freshsideny.com

  • Derrt

    XV putting on for my city. 316 stand up. See we don’t have to sound like Texas niggas to put out great music.

  • that beat hard. summertime!!!

  • JReezy

    Very dope track. I wonder what happened with the Awesome EP.

  • This shit is crucial right here!!!!

  • I think a spelling lesson will be better than the new music. It shouldn’t be that hard to spell square right.

  • hiphophead

    anyone notice that the hands in the album art are actually forming a rectangle? just saying.

  • Kanye’s new artist from Paris. We’re waiting on a verse from XV! —> http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/home

  • Derrt

    @hiphophead yo smart guy it is an L and a 7

  • indeed.. this is the type of the shit i luv from the lil homie.!

    keep it boiling XV