Drake Brings Out Chief Keef In Chicago

As if the Club Paradise tour didn’t already have a sufficient line-up, Drake surprised theĀ First Midwest Bank Amphitheater last night and brought out hometown fave Chief Keef onto the stage. Seems like everyone liked it, no?


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  • Charlie_Bundles

    Go ahead and sign em kanye

  • Ayo

    Thought he was on house arrest

  • 450 Flamezz

    @Charlie_Bundles: Kanye isnt gonna sign him because kanye doesnt want trash on good music but I heard birdman is trying to sign him guess we’ll see

  • The Guy

    drake is for pussies

  • Black Shady

    smh lol

  • s

    @the guy drake is for real nuggaz lame

  • Scrilla

    @450 Flamez
    As if Big Sean isn’t already trash

  • Elm

    drake stay on bandwagons

  • @]Elm ^^DEAD

  • 450 Flamezz

    @Scrilla: true lol but i guess he doesnt want anymore

  • The Guy

    for real nuggaz from the suburbs

  • Gayke

    This dweeby Canadian faggot is still alive? He won’t be around long after this tour.

  • Donn


    Drake showing love to alot of kats, u dudes kill me. Regardless of if you like him, he put Kendrick Lamar on one of the biggest selling albums of the year, he put JCole on his tour, then A$AP, then Kendrick, brought out Meek Mill, like the dude is just showing love while other niggas is hating on each other. That’s some real nigga shit

  • Cali

    I used to be a hardcore Drake fan until all of those girlies started jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Cali

    EDIT:I used to be a hardcore Drake stan until all of those groupies started jumping on the bandwagon.

  • The Guy

    ^ Lmao thats even worse than being a hardcore Drake fan

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