• Hell

    B.o.B’s presence destroyed any interest that I had in a T.I./Jeezy/Ryan Leslie collab.

  • Steve

    Go to Hell, Hell

  • Aftermath

    Looks like dre his back does dr. dre have a tattoo like that?

  • I gotta salute the homies, B.O.B. is talent to be fucked with, trust time will tell remember! Im looking forward to hearing what they whipped up.

  • had a chance to stop by last night, freddie gibbs was there too, ryan x jeezy have some heattt

  • pshhhh

    They look too serious.

  • pshhhh

    wish i could sit around and smoke weed all day making crap music. I’m sure they’ll make 1 good song but thats after like a week session of bullshitting around.

  • the void


  • the void

    bob is so wack to me. fuckin pop artist! T.I too! jeezy killin the sneaker game tho.

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  • B-LO

    Fuck all yall niggas hatin on this collab. Only heat can come from T.I. and jeezy collab, Remember that, fuck boys.

  • B-LO

    @pshhhh But instead, you sit around all day and blog about what another nigga is doin. SMH

  • Musikal

    T.i.p. and jizzle aways hangin out den niggas like brothers

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    The only interesting shit off this sessions is Gibbs. Nigga always come with heat.

  • mrzee

    ryan leslie getting that shine he deserves!

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