• 666

    Nas Killed it. Nelly missed.


    Seems like everybody wants a verse from Nasir these days, being a classic MC pays off, go NAS!

  • coloradoknight


  • LocDog

    nice song.

  • hot like liquid metal in T2!

  • Evil

    Fucking trash.Nas should know better then to hop on some bullshit like this.

  • indeed… this was hot! damn nelly looks good… still on her hip-hop shit! this is dope from a pop star~!

    salaam laced the shit outta this one!

  • M.T

    feeling the nas verse..

  • onanigga

    Nelly a hot bitch- feeling this

  • loveknoxxz

    Another hot verse from Nastradamas! I would love to here this on his solo LP. Nas never fell off with hot verses.

  • That Guy

    One of the many reasons Nas has my respect: After all these years he still holds QB on his back. Love Cole but I’m not hearing Fayetteville being shouted out, or Weezy NO, etc.

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  • Jinx