New Video: MGK x Ester Dean “Invincible”

Losing is never an option. So our daily struggles and accomplishments are put on the small screen for Machine Gun Kelly’s new music video featuring Ester Dean. Cop the tune on iTunes here.

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  • TeamNYX

    Huge!!! Lets just say W French coming next month and MGK after Bad Boy may be back. That corny cafe need to look for a new label. He’s the new aasim.

  • RydeHipHop

    Yeah Kelly the truth and red cafe don’t fit. cafe probably would have made this video in the club with some hoe’s and ciroc., that’s why he dated.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This has been out for OVER 6 months. Why bother?

  • Diddy

    not even Cafe son and he get slaughtered on the comments lol lol

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  • Iron Mike

    this is what happens when a label gets involved in a movement.. pure candy… yikes.. theres even a dre beats line in there. hopefully he can recover from this..

  • Soonami

    He needs to do shows in Vegas as a YelaWolf impersonator..

  • LocDog

    this a big record. takes time to build a new artist and big song properly. 6 months is nothing, he just performed this on wrestlemania. this video is not pure candy. anyone with eyes can see the story. lyrics are deep as well. it’s actually about something and not just cars, money, women.

  • this is was dope! i do love the dude’s movement… this is what hip-hop is about the story of telling your “STORY”…. the struggles, the fall, the rise… jus the sheer “VICTORY”

    this is the type of feeling some hip-hop needs… cuz it can’t just strictly be about money, hoes….

    no substance??? there are issues out there… there are still untold commodities of people that need someone to step up and let there truths be told…!…

    he’s not the dopest MC but the dope is on the come up & i am can say that the dude has “something”…

  • Fuck MGK, dude’s fake as fuck. Not gonna lie, he has some talent, and this song could be big, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a fake ass mothafucka. I only say that because i knew him personally, I’m not some random hating internet troll.

  • Berklee


  • King

    @CiNo what exactly do u fin FAKE in MGK??

  • j boi

    this kid isa fag.

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