Jimmy Henchmen Guilty Of Drug Charges

After weeks of deliberation, a federal jury found former music exec, Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond guilty of cocaine distribution amongst other charges. He faces LIFE behind bars and, in due time, will be sentenced this year.


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  • NoChildNOTToday

    Good fucking riddance… Scum bag.

  • Chris

    First Preem, now Jimmy… 50’s enemies usually don’t meet good fates do they?

  • Mike S

    And from the sound of it, he got away with this for a VERY LONG time. That’s the problem with these dudes, they can’t get in and get out with a few mil to start some legitimate businesses. They get greedy and always have to keep hustling until they’re caught. Another lesson.

  • really23

    It’s over for this dude. He’s finito. It’s a wrap. Don’t forget to write. Don’t drop the soap. Bon voyage. Adios. Hasta Luego. Shalom. PEACE. Deuces. Holla. Audi 5000. I’ll see you later alligator, after while crocodile. 1. Assalamu Alaikum. Next Time.



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    George Costanza voice: Have a nice life..sentence, that is !

  • djdoit

    “game” over lol just sayin

  • the void

    hope he gets merked in jail.

  • the void

    at least another buck 50 across the other side of his face.

  • @treyofive

    He’ll probably start telling the feds the truth and getting niggas indicted.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Jimmy Henchman



  • TheRealBigHomie

    50 won.

  • He had a long run, longer than he probably should have. I still can’t believe they let this nigga parade around like a legit executive for awhile

  • UKnow2Reals

    “promise to pay back Jimmy henchmen in due time, know you bitch [email protected] is listening the world is mine”….Pac

  • really23


    He’s probably been a cooperator for a long time…


  • Fetus Face

    Biggs Burke & now Henchman. Feds winnin today lol.

  • Shawn

    This is apart of the life.. But all y’all Dudes wishing him to be killed & all that.. I hope that’s because he did something to y’all personally & not just to your favorite rappers..

  • damnDUDE

    karmas a bitch, bet pac is smilng down from heaven right now, took a great life fucker

  • Anon DCPL

    Fuck this rat.

  • Itz Yourz

    Damn…thats the way y’all feeling today. Wishing death and hell on a nigga? It was just drugs right, he didn’t personally kill someone right? If that case feel that way about every drug dealer/trafficker you know…including ones that are family members.

    He had a good run….just didn’t know how to walk away. Now don diva and F.E.D.S interviews will be his life. OR jump bail go on the run to Haiti and come back in a few years under a new name and identity. I would go with the latter shit you anit got shit to loose…they tryna give you life anyway…they catch you what? They gonna give you life, without parole….lol

  • rrahha


  • bry from boston

    @itzyourz, i know youre tryna sound smart so to give you a heads up its *lose, not *loose.. youre welcome

  • Itz Yourz


    Thank you bry from boston.

    That’s the only thing that stood out of that whole comment? Lol, what ‘s really bothering you about me? You put it out there..with “I know you tryna sound smart and all”. Sounds like you have a tinge of hate, jealousy or whatever towards me cause you could be a stupid motherfucker and dont know how to articulate yourself so you must point out an impertinent detail in my comment to make you feel better. Cool Im here to help. So whats my grade now? I dont get an A anymore because I had an grammatical error. Whatever should I do now.?

    Stop watching me man/girl and comment on what B.Dot posted on about this situation.

  • uptown_nwdc

    in my 2Pac voice “promise to payback to you henchmen, in due time/ I know you bitch niggas is listening/ the world is mine”

  • Mike Jones??

    Fuck em..

  • StackDoe9900

    Damn homie …

  • bry from boston

    jimmy henchmans a scumbag and i just thought id be funny itzyourz.. you get a C-

  • @Artise1

    Watch the Henchman trail and see a rat rat on a rat..
    50 Cent

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