New Video: Hit-Boy “Jay-Z Interview”

How’s this for a one-on-one with Hov? With Bink! on the beat, producer Hit-Boy debuts his skills on the mic with his debut song. We see you YN (2:50 mark).

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  • 2 Chinz


  • Chris

    THIS is what the fuss was over?

  • raps were nothing special…I’ll definitely check anything he puts out, but all the comparisons that he is the next Kanye….I feel like are years away….

    Still one of the dopest producers tho!

  • Mag


  • poetic assasin

    sounds exactly like Naledge.. this is like an intro to a mixtape — nothing hot but he has lyrics.

  • hiptothe2nd power

    yo im actually impressed he definately raps better than tyga

  • Kemosabi

    This is FIRE!! The entire concept is dope didn’t know this guy was spitting now. This G.O.O.D music ROC Nation union is some real RAP!

  • @hiptothe2nd power


  • dmc

    He’s dope, but I hope he doesn’t get over hyped like Jay elect

  • wayy

    HES DOPE. Hit-Boy should rap more! this is like way better than most cats out there making money off wack rap.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Meh, nothing special, nothing that stands out he obviously won’t but he should stick to producing

  • Bob

    It’s aight i feel like it would have been better if he spit with more conviction.
    The beat is dope as hell tho

  • KG

    Definitely has potential

  • UKtings


  • Hip-Hop

    *YAWN* he’s just rapping. needs ALOT of work.

  • Yopel

    this dude doing a lot with his music.. respect!

    1 out of 5 White Couple Divorces are Caused by Black D*ck; White Women Stepping Out On Their Men Now More than Ever ..< LOL out

  • not special in any way. gonna start ignoring anything that YN hypes up on twitter. this is kanye-lite

  • Kenny Gs3

    THAT BEAT!!! Yo how did jay-z or Ross not snatch this up ???? … this shit is fucking stooooopiddd … hit-boy didn’t even wreck this shit like it should have been done …

    that beat tho > 2012

  • LukeCage

    Nothing special.

  • Shit was cool.Video real tight.I would have to hear more to see if I want him to rap for a whole album.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle

  • The Truth
  • required

    boooring NEXT

  • Mr.November

    This nigga Jay just disowned J.Cole lol

  • I.E stand up Hit boy representing that 909

  • @Bob i feel you. his energy didn’t match his words. his beats are HARD though. we will see

  • Angelo

    I respect HitBoy’s hustle…but his beats are garbage. He’s another flavor of the month producer who won’t be around in a couple of years. Arch Druids, Frank Dukes, Lee Bannon, Nascent & QB, Jahlil all got way hotter stuff than dude..His beats have no soul or gut to them. Just sound like cheap FL Studio beats

  • death of the weirdo

    lmaoo YN’s knees touchin his ears sitting backseat of the charger tho!

    I’m not impressed with his raps but I’ll take someone rapping about their genuinely living their live than another song about cars, kilos n hoes.

  • Shit was cool, but y’know what I don’t like? When a rapper like this gets away with talking about the same shit you hate on mainstream rappers for.

    Half the song this nigga just rambling, and the other half he was talking about how paid he is and the type of bitches he got. Nothing different from the same bullshit Ross and Wayne talk about, except the type of beat.

  • Tbones

    Wow @ all d unwarranted hype, dis is very very basic flow wise, lyrically, n energy wise. This niggie better stick to producing.

  • B.Dot

    I agree with the two statements above.

  • MrBusby


  • Rome

    The video and the whole vibe of the record really reminds me of Kanye when he debuted “Through The Wire”. I got the same feeling.

    The production is incredible, Bink! >

    Hit-Boy can flow. And the word-play was impressive. He definitely has my attention.

  • yall over hype shit too much

  • the realist

    Dope concept… I would’ve prolly felt it better if y’all ain’t overhype it on Twitter.

    He should ghostwrite. He’s a good writer but he sounds very dull and boring. He doesn’t stand out from anyone.

    You can’t tell niggaz shit though once they get a million bucks so hey I’m just 1 opinion

  • michelle michelle

    Hit-Boy Jay-Z Interview > 50 cent interview with Oprah.


    Niggaz need to wash their face on this blog fo real, y all be bumpin them Chief keef and Waka joints and complain about this, saying it s wack??? It s not the craziest shit but it still better than your dumb ass music, niggaz used to tell Kanye not to rap and see what happened…

  • Reef

    Great marketing plan! Naming it Jay-Z Interview made a lot of people listen to it that wouldn’t have!

  • Watever

    Decent first effort. He needs to work on his delivery & flow. Like others have said there’s no energy in his rhyming.

  • HK

    Nice editing on the video

  • Donn

    So let me get this right. U guys complain about Young Money, and Chief Keef and all that nonsense and then somebody gives you real HipHop and u complain. There is no pleasing you dudes. Dude spit alot of real shit. He rapped about his experiences. He went Dubai, to countries he never been, and he just documented the experience. U would be happy about the spoils of ur hardwork too. Smh. Hey u like what u like I guess. Is this on iTunes? He got my support

  • mac DIESEL




  • theraflu

    better than chase n. cashe

  • mac DIESEL



  • Video is aight, would have preferred a different title as I actually look forward to Jay-Z interviews

  • onenutned

    he did his thang..niggas scared to be labeled the hype beast.

  • RealTalk

    stick to beats

  • TonyParker

    Classic example of being outshined by the beat

  • B. Walker

    Same beat on Maybach Music Self Made LP. You know… Just Blaze… I like it though. He can rap.

  • t

    His vocal tone lacks passion.

    The lyrics are coo, it’s just his delivery that needs improvement.

  • Why So Serious

    Jay-z has gold in his hands, dude is an awesome producer and can spit nice solid bars. What impressed me more is that he was talking about real shit that happened in his life, he is not talking about selling drugs, killing niggas and other bullshit like that. I cannot see why anyone that supports real hip-hop wouldn’t like Hit-boy.
    You niggas just cannot spend a minute without listening to a song that makes you wanna snap your fingers, and move sideways like a retard.

  • Joe Nasty

    wait, this dude is actually kind of nice.




  • Christopher

    How Hit-Boy not gonna produce his own song?

  • koO

    @dmc and any doubters of Jay Electronica: Remember ur thoughts and words when his album drops.

  • yo, this was dope! indeed… i am lovin it

    keep it up, cuz my spotlight is on this dude… but, come on naw jay-Z

    where is the jay electronica album…..

  • Black Shady

    Why is it named “Jay-Z interview” tho wtf

  • the nigga spit decent, not amazing but you can tell this isn’t his first time on the mic. but like somebody above said, he needs to perfect his craft first before trying to juggle both. Kanye was already a legendary producer BEFORE we even heard him rap


    sway-z says:
    Thursday, June 07 2012 at 4:00 PM EST

    Shit was cool, but y’know what I don’t like? When a rapper like this gets away with talking about the same shit you hate on mainstream rappers for.

    Half the song this nigga just rambling, and the other half he was talking about how paid he is and the type of bitches he got. Nothing different from the same bullshit Ross and Wayne talk about, except the type of beat.





  • Mr.November

    Maybe the rappers that rap about drugs and hoes really DO do that lol.
    Wayne raps about his life (bitches and money). He got bored and raps about funny stuff, he just sounds like a cornball.

    The beat was good but reading the comments gets it overhyped IMO. It wasn’t THAT good.
    WillPower is one of the most underrated producers. It was good but niggas jump on the wagon too quick.

    He needs the passion for a song like this that Ross and Diddy had on Holy Ghost.

  • buking

    i wanted to like it cuz he seems like a good kid, but raps is sloppy, find that pocket hit

  • vurbz

    Beat sick..ryhmes enhh….but thats exactly how kanye started..who knows maybe..

  • DAMN.

    When is Jay (Electronica) gonna drop that verse?! That nigga takin long. This beat should be for him!

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    The instrumental outshine him on the track. Don’t pick a beat you ain’t doing justice to. C’mon man that’s rap 101. Anyway, the kid got bars…He needs to find a flow. Next Ye? Maybe. Don’t stop the producing!!

  • @ForevaVegas

    This shit was fkn wacc…. like very wacc ….

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  • G13

    Im gonna have to say the beat far surpassed him on this song.

    His lyrics arent that good, flow needs work, and so does delivery. This being the first song he put out, I can’t say much other than “he needs to practice”.

    For you dudes praising this as “real hip hop”, ehhh…. There’s none of the honest exposition that was in “through the wire”. HB isn’t talking about places he’s never been, he’s bragging about where others haven’t. All I’m hearing is a dude talking about being rich, and being bitter about girls who turned him down before he struck rich.

    Bink saved the day.

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