New Video: Killer Mike Ft. Bun B x T.I. “Big Beast”

For the lead single off Killer Mike’s current project, he brings along Bun B and Tip for this heist mini-movie. This is the way you do a music video. R.A.P. Music is in stores now. After the jump, Mike thanks his fans.

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  • eastpointvet

    dope video

  • Dunc

    Heck of a video!

  • DIGGSY!!!

    that was wild


    Very creative. Love it.

    Grind time.

  • Truu

    The white man in a white man’s mask and not being involved sorta says something, Dope vid all the same

  • dll32

    very entertaining +1

  • Trillionaire

    I see ya Killer

  • mikespacey

    El-P whipping the car, sick video.

  • el rey

    dope video !

  • F.I.V.E.

    holy shit! VIDEO OF THE YEAR!

    Extra creative, entertaining, or that was the effect coz of me being high as fuck.

    Song’s dope too, T.I. Killed it. Started to like Killer Mike’s music, I’ll checkin’ for him. Dope is sick, producer any1?

  • Carlito

    the concept of the video was taken from the movie “drive” starring ryan gossling. the first scene of the video is a direct rip off of the movie, as well as the car chase, and the dude (t.i.) who has a strip club. cool video but the concept was not as creative and original as you all think.

  • hazz

    FFFFFFFFWAAAP!!!!! With the ax.