Chris Brown Returns To Today Show

Rocking the classic Polo Snow Beach pullover, Breezy returned to the Today Show and helped roll out their summer concert series. He kicked things off with “Forever”. He followed up with “Turn Up The Music” with “Yea 3x” after the jump.

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  • Lil Lou

    hope he didn’t lose his shirt and mind this time.. lol

    … Rick Ross Says “Uhhh!” Grunt Actually an Uncontrollable Stomach GROWLING Issue He’s been Dealing with for Years ..really?? lol

  • Mr Shady

    Chris Brown is a fag

  • Dj IXL

    Raekwon Snow Beach!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    No windows were harmed this time.


    Listen to this autotune bullshit

  • s

    @mr shady you are a lame chis is the truth

  • mrzee

    glad to see this dude stays winning!