Rick Ross At Fader Vitaminwater Event

Last night, Rozay performed for The Fader and Vitaminwater’s Uncapped event in L.A. and brought out French Montana for “Stay Schemin” and the “Shot Caller” remix. After the jump, the Bawse joins Omarion for their duet, “Let’s Talk”. Footage brought to you by the LA Leakers.

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  • n/a/a

    sooo…..rick ross works for 50 now?

  • Does Drake Eat McDonalds & Does J. Cole Still Shop at Macy’s?

    50 makes money off all his rivals. He still gets paper off The Game. And now Officer William.

  • merry

    50 sold 100% of vitamin water. he doesnt get a dime from it anymore

  • Young Buck

    My nigga Rozay one of the REALEST niggas to ever to do it

  • Black Shady

    50 won

  • LJ

    Wasnt he talkin shit about vitamin water when 50 had it.

  • LJ

    And he was talkin shit about reebok and now he is endorsed by them.

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  • Blak c/o

    What’s ur point LJ?

  • donald

    Ladies & Gentlemen SHAME ON YOU for allowing all these fake rappers to get anywhere in hip-hop!

    You idiots have made this the “FAKEST ERA OF HIP-HOP” smh

  • ODC

    boss, 50.

    sorry pig, but they won’t give you an endorsement.

  • the void

    wow fifty raped vitamin water and coca cola. who cares that he doesnt own it anymore haha. ross stay losing. after all that shit he talked about vitamin water and reebok? haha

  • dee

    yall fail to realize that ross got PAID to do this the real clown is vitamin water for paying somebody who disrespected your brand yall hate soo much it makes yall stupid

  • Amg

    50 dont make money off the game no more that deal was dead when game went to geffen and now back to aftermath

  • StackDoe9900

    At the end of the day Ross gettin a couple dollars but he still fake and his past is what it was ; he was a c/o and he can’t change dat …. He got bars but he a fake fuck and he just another nigga … CTE or NOTHING …

  • @Artise1

    50 makes money off of Game for 5 Albums. That was the deal he signed with Interscope. Geffen is just another branch of Interscope. Game is still under the same deal.
    This is the steroids era of hip hop were living in.