Ludacris Performs At Bonnaroo

As Bonnaroo wrapped up day 2 yesterday, Luda hit the stage and disturbed the peace down in Manchester, Tennessee. If you still weren’t attendance, Billboard shares their quick highlight.

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  • Nice show, specialy with a live band.

  • Slim Fit

    Yoo New Hodgy Beats track put it up RAPRADAR!

  • Guess What

    Ok Luda.

  • gammaboi

    Luda’s a perfect waste of spark.
    As many years and has in the game he should be a legend but too many false starts and being distracted by trends, resulting in wack singles – Jingalin’ is a prime example.
    I’d like to think his talent was left on the barbershop floor too.

  • HipHop
  • Jillian

    Ludacris’s performance made history! #LudaNation

  • MishX

    Luda Killed Bonnaroo #LudaNation !!!!

  • brittany

    sad i couldnt be there but was def there in spirit! Luda made history and with a live band!!! Once again killing the stage like he does EVERYTIME!!! #LudaNation

  • Rameco

    Luda just keeps killing shows! #LudaNation

  • EddyEd84

    Loved it ! #LudaNation !!!!!!!!!

  • Great Footage!! I wish I would have been there, this video got me hyped. Ludacris gives the besttttt shows, hands down!!! #LudaNation

  • very nice respect rockd the crowd like always #wildn #ludanation

  • Nisha

    @Ludacris has such GREAT stage presence! I love how he keeps the audience involved and hyped up!
    This clip was AMAZING!! Thank you Billboard for sharing a snippet with those of us not in attendance. #LudaNation

    [email protected]