• Yeerp

    dope. underrated mc

  • http://www.KhushMusic.com Khush Music

    Dope beat / Dope flow

  • PPrrootteesstt

    fuck of

  • The_Dynasty
  • Lethargic1

    Hodgy just gets better every song. He dominated the OF Vol. 2 Tape so that’s a sign he’s gonna be a star.

  • Slim Fit

    Hodgy Beats is that nigga man

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  • http://bigteespot.spreadshirt.com/ LEATHER-N-GOLD

    yeah homie got some skills

  • Yessir

    He one ugly motherf*cker

  • xtrajordinary

    yo hodgy is easily the most improved member of OF. this is dope

  • Evil

    Look at that pic..thats one coked up stoned nigga right there.Looks senile in that pic.

  • HipHop
  • Why So Serious

    Nun of these niggas can’t be stars with Tyler still in the group

  • Boom

    A lot of the niggas in OF are trash. But, this dude can rap. Clearly, Frank Ocean is the David Ruffin of that weak ass group.

  • mankind

    that was surprisingly, based on the picture i expected someone like Chief Keef loool

  • coolc

    This is cold

  • the void

    lol hodgy is a fool. i saw him and left brain actin a fool in a bar in hollywood. nobody even knew who they were.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Mykewayne Myke wayne


  • onanigga

    Hodgy beats, holla at a coon

  • http://illanoisemusicstudio.wordpress.com iLLaNoiSeMusicStudio

    Look at this Nigga face mannn. He a retard, mongloid or sniffin that shit bruh bruh

  • slm

    check out what everyone is talking about at http://www.streetleaguemovement.com a must see