New Music: Young Dro “How You Feel”

Young Dro’s music has been slacking lately, but he steps it up a notch on his latest with Nard & B on the beat.

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  • yeah he also made a song called Mazzeratti and just had it Re-poed. lol.

  • The Truth

    This nigga will be forever be associated with shoulder lean,Fantasia, and getting his whip smoked for not paying his car note!!!

  • TD Cruze

    Smokin weed like a hobo

  • He already had a song called Maserati

  • pro reason.

    Dro steady tryna make music for dem damn execs. too many niggas done stole his style.

  • really23

    Maybe him the chick from Crime Mob can go half on a Dodge Charger (no hemi)…

  • droooo

  • Mac Diesel’s Sister Baby’s Father

    Dear T.I., if your not going to put another Young Dro album out, let him go! This nigga last album came out when Nextel phones was the shit!

    Don’t hate on my opinion!!!

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  • SLIM



    T,i holding back this dude so he wont get bigger than T.I smh……. t.i and young jeezy the worst CEO’s ever!!! just thinkin about them selef……. yea i must say ross one off the best ones just look at meek n wale..

  • Devante

    Lol his last album

  • nbonenuke

    dat junk go hard in da paint

  • Florida Pimp

    T.i need to let Dro shine he walkn round with Trae Da thruth tone-loc sounding ass and cant fuck with dro thats bullshit Dro got fire and that ralph lauryn reefa going hard .