• DJ HzD Brazil

    That beat is so beautiful… DAMN!
    More good music from XV…

  • Da

    wow. pretty dope

  • t dot j

    he stole a line from cyhi on here…idk why..Im a XV fan, but tht wasn’t cool

  • Tra Royal

    @T Dot J

    Awww b quite he stole a line from Andre 3000 too but u c no Outkast fans complainin its Hip-Hop its happend 1000 times before other than that song is straight raw

  • Jett

    This is so dope

  • http://Rapradar.com NineInchMale

    Is this the only genre that gets over saturated with sub par music everyday there’s 15 mixtapes dropping fukk quality over quantity right

  • whothefuckareyou

    a line was taken from Andre 3000 “we like neck to neck” also a cyhi line idk if he was paying homage dope song none the less.