New Video: Jim Jones “Forgive” / “Ima Get Mine”

Narrated and starring the man himself,  Jim Jones gets on his motion picture shit by giving us a two for one. Brought to you by his Vampire Life 2. To be continued.

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  • Carlito

    narrated by*

  • Carlito

    these tracks/videos are cool tho. and i’ve never been a fan of jimmy

  • I can dig it. This nigga always had a creative mind. Cam had the charisma n lyrics. Jim was the visionary. Dipset was a movement back then. 305 love..
    ZOE LIFE..shoutz from da zoo Capo

  • AMD

    Who are the other artists on the songs?

    Who produced?


    RapRadar journalists, whatsup.

  • jonathan

    fuck this fag jenny jones…he wont even recognize
    Stack Bundles memorial death or even the adrress the fact that the ICON Legacy Existed
    something very funny to me that he wont mention Stack’s name EVER !!!!!!!