• trap shit

    “Sigh” ALL the Alchemist does is loop samples.

  • jondoughnutz


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  • Terrible

    seriously, why is Danny Brown even semi-popular? literally the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard.

  • The_Dynasty

    “Sigh” all rap productions are loops. Don’t let a breakdown or a change up fool you lmao
    Matter of fact all forms of popular music are loops

  • The_Dynasty

    Even when a sample is not being used it’s still loops nigga. The chorus is one loop and the verses are another loop sometimes it’s the same loop. That’s what it’s called a motif nigga

  • Why So Serious

    ^^ Preach!

  • whats wrong with loops? if you understood how to find those loops you will appreciate the shit. i bet my LIFE you’ll never make a loop sound as good as this so shut the fuck down motherfucker.

  • Danny Brown came in killing this.I’m fucking with this.beat is crazy.Love this.Alchemist is crazy with the tracks.
    Check out “Spaz Out” by LOCH – http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/13311603

  • Omega Supreme

    Danny Brown = 2012 ODB but more lyrical Schoolboy Q = A fucking Problem!

  • TysonMackey

    yooo Danny Brown sounds like a poor Dizzy Rascal…. remember that shit… fix up look sharpe… hes just a rascal dizzy rascal…

  • Kanye’s new artist from Cannes that will be featured on three songs off of the “Cruel Summer” album. http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/down

  • zeee

    @Omega Supreme exactly. which is why i think he should have played ODB in the bio pic. Danny Brown is dope for real.

  • sohighsolo

    the future~~~

  • Alex

    So many retards in these comments, how can even relate Danny Brown to Dizzee Rascal? haha

    Also @ terrible Danny Brown is a much, much better rapper than most of the shit these days that is “semi-popular”

  • JL

    Wow, I could only listen for about 20 seconds, how can anyone listen to Danny Brown’s voice??