New Video: Waka Flocka x Meek Mill “Let Dem Guns Blam”

Waka’s Triple F Life is in stores today. And on the release day, he keeps the visuals rolling in with his latest featuring Meek Mill. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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  • Kali

    Meek’s verse was pretty gud,rest of the song’s rubbish

  • B.Dot

    anyone else think of Shea Davis when reading this title?

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Yup this shit is gonna flop hard

  • gaz

    Urrghhh, what kind of retard name title is ‘let them guns blam’ The guy is literally retarded and the amount of stupid kids who like this shit because there slow brains cant comprehend smart lyrics or a fast flow are going to idolise this moron and continue the vicious circle of ignorance

  • Sealey

    It’s funny when people try to sound smart but than have poor grammar and misspelled words throughout HA

  • gaz

    Sealey, Im not smart, and my internet grammer isnt on point. The point of my comment still stands, Im not saying everyone should be amazing at algabra, But having this moron jumping around making a song called Make dem guns go blam is depressing, If your about guns and drugs fine, just dont mix that with stupid.

  • Why So Serious

    ^^Stop it!
    Sealey got you good.

  • Sounds like any Waka song.Shit is alright.Beat is tough.Mills was straight.
    Check out “Spaz Out” by LOCH –

  • fuck you

    i hate people who come on songs like this and try to say “this shit sucks listen to intelligent rap with smart lyrics.” same people who come on songs by someone like drake and say “this soft” GTFOH stay in your fuckin lane pussy… some people like that high energy shit you can bang out to and some time that so called smart shit is plain terrible music

  • YunG based god


  • Kanye’s new artist from Cannes that will be featured on three songs off of the “Cruel Summer” album.