New Video: Azealia Banks “Liquorice”

Ms. Banks is still going through changes. In her new video, she goes through a few wardrobe changes and takes us through some strange places. Off of her stranger release, 1991 EP. Directed by Rankin.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Apparently, this female is like a car crash to rap websites. They have to keep looking.

    Where is Rosenberg when you need?

  • Mack

    How come I’ve never heard of this girl before? I’m guessing this is her first single. I like this.

  • PPrrootteesstt

    if she rides dick like she rides the horse, i’d smash. that is all

  • Scrilla


  • coloradoknight

    She’s going to watch this video 20 years from now in utter embarrassment.

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  • Luke

    This girl is dope, like a 2012 Kelis

  • CharlemagneDaGod

    She’s a sexy chocolate woman. Dayum!

  • recordpusher


  • Cal

    I liked this shit, has a heavy late 90s vibe to it. Reminds me of Aaliyah in a way. And girl can rap, nuff said.

  • chuck buck

    song is tough

  • yo

    This shit is hot. She aint fakin.

  • Anonymous

    This is dope #refreshing. I love artists that experiment with different sounds. This chick got flow for days and have crazy wordplay. Azealia Banks you got a fan and Im going to buy that 1991 ep. Keep up the good work and stay original.

  • A-Town

    I fuck with this.

  • luden

    good stuff.

  • BarackObamaJr

    Wack!!!!!!!!!!! This chick is wack. This song is wack. Sex only sells if you’re sexy

  • the One

    Miss Banks will be taking over I promise!!! She just needs a wardrobe assistant that knows what she’s doing as who ever fit those clothes on her is lost! 212