DJ Greg Street Joins Cash Money

Cash Money’s army just got bigger with the addition of Atlanta’s legendary DJ Greg Street. As part of the deal, the V103 host is signed to the label and Cash Money’s publishing arm. Says Street:

“I have never once doubted the power of Birdman and Slim, and the Cash Money empire as a whole. My goal is to add in making Cash Money Records the first billion dollar independent label by putting major plays together for the brand, in and outside of selling records. I’m honored to have worked with and supported  the YMCMB family since the early 1990s and look forward to expanding the relationship.”

Says Birdman:

“Greg Street is a much valued and respected colleague of the YMCMB family,” states Bryan “Birdman” Williams. “Slim and I collaborated with him so often, we decided the next step would be to extend a deal to him that would allow him to bring his unique voice and perspective to both our label and publishing company.”

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  • @Artise1

    All i hear about is signings. Where is Busta, Mystikal. BOW Wow. Where is the music?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ word
    Who signs a DJ (they don’t break artist anymore), so late in the game? Street been doing it for years in the A.

  • mehh, congrats I suppose. Hope the dude switches up his voice tag. That is one of theeee worst voice tags ever. Listening to a mixtape and all of a sudden in the wrong spot, at the wrong time “GREGGGG STREET!” in a high pitched voice. Ughh.

  • oDC

    yeah, Greg street was so big before them so yeah it makes them bigger now . lol

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Yup this bubble is about to pop, lets be real here Cash money is really only Wayne, Nicki & Drake, who else has actually released an album over there ?? once Drake & Nicki get tired of getting juxed by birdman(i predict Nicki will leave first) it’s a wrap

  • woo

    wheew! thank goodness it wasnt DJ Premier

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  • JJJ

    niggas have a problem with everything cash money lol smh

  • Emm

    I don like this who signing djs now
    it gonna make radio very biased
    but it’s smart of birdman
    I mean obviously u get guarantee spins in Miami wit khaled and now in atlanta wit Greg street

  • Truu

    @JJJ exactly! Niggas just have problem with YMCMB, like Jay-Z said, niggas hate ballers these days.

    Niggas talking about “All I hear is signing, no music” be the same people hating on every single song bowwow drops. YMCMB is pop they say but these “real hiphop heads” ain’t buying no “real hiphop” albums, didn’t YMCMB outsell everybody including the throne?

  • A-Town

    This is funny because Street helped discover Cyhi…

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  • Black Shady

    WTF….whats next…they gonna sign club promoters????

  • the real truth

    Smart move now Birdman and YCMB can legally pay the top DJ in Atl to play they records smh…. Gotta respect Birdmans game, he knows how to work around the payola …… thats 3 cities on lock,

    Mia with Khaled
    Atl with Street
    NO just because thats home

    Texas next

  • Guess What

    Gay Money is a trip. They are trying to sign the whole industry. LOL. You have about 100 different artists on the label & they still have no career. It’s to many to name, but yall know who they are. SMDH

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  • SKM404

    Instead of 30504 now its 3050404 MIA, NO, ATL

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  • jwalker

    I think it’s an awesome move! These men are all street smart and business savvy. Furthermore, it is a move toward working together to build an empire. I wish your team much success!

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