New Music: Rocko Ft. Plies x Gucci Mane “Mouf”

Who doesn’t like head? Featuring Gucci and Plies, Rocko shares his infatuation with fellatio on his new record. Off his upcoming project, Ignant. How fitting.

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  • Sparkz

    3 out of 5 !! Niggas gotta get more creative , these fools clearly have only GED’s lol

  • a nice soundtrack to nigga activities

  • Wonderbread

    …I’m not going to even listen…but i will guess the hook goes. “Something something, bitches…What that mouf do”X4

  • Wonderbread

    Sry….I was wrong…they just repeat “Mouf”x4 every 4 beats. Nice!

  • A-Town

    Ya’ll tell me they didn’t KILL this shit.

  • RAP SUCKS MY FUCKING COCK! Stop trying to please these saltines and get back to doing what comes from the heart not the wallet.

  • the void

    ^rap is dead. you didnt know? stop bitching.


    Artwork > Song

    2 BLACK THUMBS UP (for the Artwork)

  • dll32